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12th June 2012 #SIFT

[14:59]	C1UCharon	Alright, lifting River City. Bring it in, SIFT.

[15:08]	C1UCharon	C1UCharon Tonight at around 2000 hours, the Strike
 Group was laying in on a potential EN ambush team IVO Ginowan city.

[15:08]	C1UCharon	C1UCharon Potential EN team had exhibited unusual
 apprehension and awareness, and continually checked areas of the beltline
 consistent with the presence of a concealed weapon.

[15:08]	C1UCharon	C1UCharon EN team was observed entering and leaving
 a Lawson's convenience store repeatedly. The Strike Group pushed out a two
 man presence and established overwatch with a third man, leaving two in 
QRF position around the corner.

[15:08]	C1UCharon	C1UCharon At approximately 2005 hours, EN team exited
 the Lawsons, following with a crowd of around 4 individuals doing the same,
 and made as though they were going to cross the street. At that time, a man
 presented a pistol and engaged our observation team with a 9mm pistol,
 striking one of our guys in the chest.

[15:08]	C1UCharon	C1UCharon Overwatch immediately engaged and neutralized
 the threat. QRF was already in position at that time, and moved to engage the
 second EN.

[15:08]	C1UCharon	C1UCharon 2 EN KIA, 1 FR WIA.

[15:08]	C1UCharon	C1UCharon Our guy's looking good, he's at the Naval
 hospital now.

[15:09]	C1UCharon	C1UCharon The team's heading back out again in a few 
hours. Any questions at this time?

[15:11]	C1UCharon	If there are no immediate questions, I've got 
something for you.

[15:12]	C1UCharon	Virgil's on the move tonight, her orders are as follows:

[15:12]	C1UCharon	Go to bed.

[15:13]	iIIustrious	Well, sounds like that one's for me.

[15:13]	C1UCharon	Probably specifically for you, hah.