Fresno DropEdit

The location was in Fresno, CA. Probably a bench in a park (as depicted in the SSTVs)

The item was retrieved by SIFT member Jeebus: Live view covarage

It contained a SanDisk drive with .rar encrypted with 128-bit AES, contains 2 text files and one image file taken on 29/04/2012 at 7:14am

CA.rar password protected file. In RAR there were 3 files. 1W.jpg, Charon.txt, Warthog.txt

Charon.txt contain only phone number (1- xxx - xxx - xxxx) with answering machine.

Phonecall (whistling part of UMBRA RUMBA)



R=1 in some cases

Warthog decrypted to the following,

Enemy activity has become more and more cryptic as time progre sses a plethora of xs encrypted information as of xs late much of xs it refers to suspect device in areas around the globe

Emdcoa (Enemy's most dangerous course of action)

En forces manage to utilise suspect device in a populated area following implantation operation

Empcoa (Enemy's most probable course of action)

En forces are likely to continue kidnapping operations in rural areas to ensure local success of xs suspect device prior to large scale operations

Wetworks continue to provide covert security c r umbra continues to broadcast all encrypted information necessary to ensure the success of xs friendly mission

C r umbra seek out and secure drops as locations are listed continue to decrypt and disseminate information passed by c r umbra operatives make liaison with Charon in the next 48 hours for further details

En forces insistence upon ceremony and superstition provide friendly forces with valuable time necessary to establish cap/kill criteria on various HVTs operating world wide with continued intel provided by civilian and prior military SIFT operatives Charon will exploit this weakness by conducting rapid movement to suspect areas and neutralising HVTs designated by the SIFT

Crumbra/wetworks will act in direct support of SIFT operatives in IMM threat areas general support of SIFT operatives as a whole

Operatives are to utilise Charon as a point of contact Charon will relay all pertinent information to virgil at c r umbra