[2012-05-19 01:19:36] -!- C1UCharon [] has joined #sift

[2012-05-19 01:19:36] -!- mode/#sift [+o C1UCharon] by ChanServ

[2012-05-19 01:23:40] <anon_> hi charon

[2012-05-19 01:23:49] <anon_> howd your day go?

[2012-05-19 01:24:49] <C1UCharon> Went well, attention seems to have died down. HVT video going up.

[2012-05-19 01:25:03] <anon_> humean no idea just it makes sound and some people hear voices

[2012-05-19 01:25:11] <anon_> rad is it cut to shit?

[2012-05-19 01:25:13] <Humean> aight

[2012-05-19 01:25:18] -!- i3_ [] has joined #sift

[2012-05-19 01:26:09] <C1UCharon> Not really. Approach, engagement, bagging and egress are all there.

[2012-05-19 01:26:35] <anon_> k any ics of the device?

[2012-05-19 01:26:55] <C1UCharon> No device on site. Just a taxi driver.

[2012-05-19 01:27:29] <anon_> dont you guys have one though?

[2012-05-19 01:29:01] <C1UCharon> USAF has it, has since I landed in Oki

[2012-05-19 01:29:29] <anon_> ah

[2012-05-19 01:33:24] <anon_> any news on the global drops?

[2012-05-19 01:34:07] <C1UCharon> timeframe for the drops is being extended

[2012-05-19 01:34:28] <anon_> k

[2012-05-19 01:36:31] <i3_> Hey, charon, anyone filled you in on the translation?

[2012-05-19 01:36:54] <anon_> oh we got some translator

[2012-05-19 01:37:10] <anon_> ] <Vriska> Before the final law, there is a necessity to carry it out. The members stare within Japan; (??) is kindness. The first part is easy. Uehara is in Uchikawa. From Ishigaki Island to Naha Preparing safe travel to Osaka. Continuing ??. Protect the whispers from heaven.

[2012-05-19 01:37:40] <anon_> <Vriska> The laws of the gods are working again, making fast progress. The laws of the gods are working again, making fast progress. The disciples at Tenmanten recognize their state of mind. The whispers from heaven are within 1.

[2012-05-19 01:37:52] <anon_> hi ill

[2012-05-19 01:38:07] <C1UCharon> That's solid intel. Let me vet that with the headshed.

[2012-05-19 01:39:02] -!- i3_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]

[2012-05-19 01:39:44] <anon_> the second was before the first

[2012-05-19 01:39:55] <i3> hah, yeah, wrong order

[2012-05-19 01:40:02] <i3> but osaka's the important part

[2012-05-19 01:40:42] <i3> "Uehara is in Uchikawa. From Ishigaki Island to Naha Preparing safe travel to Osaka"

[2012-05-19 01:40:54] <C1UCharon> Uchikawa?

[2012-05-19 01:40:56] <C1UCharon> Ishikawa

[2012-05-19 01:41:08] <C1UCharon> It must mean Ishikawa

[2012-05-19 01:41:23] <i3> it could,

[2012-05-19 01:42:00] <C1UCharon> Skip reported back, no intel on whether boy-o made his flight. We didn't have much to go on.

[2012-05-19 01:42:00] -!- po9099 [6c5d6c48@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #sift

[2012-05-19 01:42:22] <i3> I'll check the numbers and see

[2012-05-19 01:43:13] -!- po9099 [6c5d6c48@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]

[2012-05-19 01:43:18] <C1UCharon> Grabbin' some sake.

[2012-05-19 01:43:53] <anon_> lucky you

[2012-05-19 01:44:15] <C1UCharon> You're not kidding there.

[2012-05-19 01:44:29] <anon_> haha

[2012-05-19 01:44:37] <i3> Yeah. I just got back from a beer run, every store in ten blocks is closed

[2012-05-19 01:44:42] <i3> damn

[2012-05-19 01:44:45] <C1UCharon> Hate that.

[2012-05-19 01:44:59] -!- po9099 [6c5d6c48@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #sift

[2012-05-19 01:45:09] <anon_> wire me sime money ill drink with you :]

[2012-05-19 01:45:33] <C1UCharon> That'd be rad if my name wouldn't show up

[2012-05-19 01:45:35] <C1UCharon> Hah

[2012-05-19 01:45:55] <anon_> i wont tell ;}

[2012-05-19 01:46:36] <C1UCharon> You know how to get rich? Start a "send a beer" delivery service in the states.

[2012-05-19 01:46:50] <i3> confirmation on uchikawa

[2012-05-19 01:46:59] <C1UCharon> Uchikawa. Any translations?

[2012-05-19 01:47:18] <anon_>

[2012-05-19 01:47:20] <i3> yeah, it's a place

[2012-05-19 01:47:25] <i3> just north of tokyo

[2012-05-19 01:47:57] <i3> it would mean he flew to okinawa, and now is flying out

[2012-05-19 01:48:02] <i3> to osaka

[2012-05-19 01:49:26] <i3> or there was error in the transcription

[2012-05-19 01:49:33] <anon_> good idea charon

[2012-05-19 01:49:44] <C1UCharon> Right? You'd make bank.

[2012-05-19 01:50:33] <anon_> fuck yeah

[2012-05-19 01:50:45] <anon_> too bad i dont have a car anymore

[2012-05-19 01:50:55] <Maya2> my friend had the idea of weed on wheels, WoW he'd call it

[2012-05-19 01:51:16] <C1UCharon> Interesting. If you ran a blank, flat out "Delivery Service", you could ferry whatever people wanted.

[2012-05-19 01:51:23] <C1UCharon> Like a taxi that peddles what you need at the time.

[2012-05-19 01:52:39] <anon_> but then some weird dude might unch me in the throat then beat me with a hone book

[2012-05-19 01:53:14] <C1UCharon> Aw, that guy's not so weird.

[2012-05-19 01:53:18] <anon_> i found 1.59 i can go get a beer

[2012-05-19 01:53:33] <anon_> :| says you

[2012-05-19 01:53:55] <C1UCharon> Sure, he throat-checks a cat or two sometimes, but other than that, he's really pretty normal.

[2012-05-19 01:55:18] <anon_> sadistic

[2012-05-19 01:55:58] <C1UCharon> A sadist? No way, man. Just the kind of guy that doesn't dig people who hurt other people.

[2012-05-19 01:56:07] <anon_> ill be back in 15 dro located same 711 if i dont return, i shot the sheriff dont call anyone

[2012-05-19 01:56:21] <i3> Ha, see you in a few anon

[2012-05-19 01:56:27] <anon_> so you'll hurt those who hurt eole?

[2012-05-19 01:56:35] <Maya2> be careful soldier -- get me my vodka/oj plz

[2012-05-19 01:56:52] <C1UCharon> Yeah. Those like me.

[2012-05-19 01:58:14] <i3> Hey, what happened with the two you sent off to see about Uehara at the airport?

[2012-05-19 01:58:30] <C1UCharon> They're back, and can't report good news or bad.

[2012-05-19 01:58:44] <C1UCharon> We didn't have a picture of Uehara to go on, just a name. Turns into a game of "Who looks important"

[2012-05-19 01:59:11] <i3> Yeah

[2012-05-19 01:59:28] <i3> If we'd got this translated 5 hours earlier, we would have had a flight too

[2012-05-19 01:59:34] <Sorgens> If I were an hvt with no known pictures, I would try to blend as much as possible.

[2012-05-19 01:59:55] <C1UCharon> No doubt, Sorg. Hate to say it, but we probably wouldn't find you.

[2012-05-19 01:59:57] <i3> Fair enough

[2012-05-19 02:00:31] <C1UCharon> My team knows what to look for in a person: Mannerisms, positive and negative adoration, similar dress, mimicry. That being said, sometimes it just isn't enough. Sometimes, we don't get our man until much, much later.

[2012-05-19 02:00:37] <i3> I'm looking back through what I missed, you said time frame for the drops was extended? Any more detail on that?

[2012-05-19 02:01:02] <i3> Also, in an airport, there's often too many for little details to stand out

[2012-05-19 02:01:06] <C1UCharon> Not yet, Virg should give me the rundown shortly. I know we're looking at two drops at least tomorrow.

[2012-05-19 02:01:38] <Maya2> both in ontario huh

[2012-05-19 02:01:46] <C1UCharon> True, Ill. There's also one final factor: You might be the good guy, but the security guys in the Airport don't know that, so there's no takedowns that wouldn't be contested.

[2012-05-19 02:01:49] <C1UCharon> Hah

[2012-05-19 02:02:16] <Maya2> you don't have a spiffy badge you can flash them?

[2012-05-19 02:02:18] <C1UCharon> I do have a team standing by for an Ontario drop, but not tomorrow. Likely the day after.

[2012-05-19 02:02:32] <C1UCharon> If they gave us badges, the bad guys could pull them off of our bodies.

[2012-05-19 02:02:44] <Maya2> ok... tattoos

[2012-05-19 02:02:59] <i3> Technically could pull those off too...

[2012-05-19 02:03:04] <C1UCharon> Easily identified in a dangerous flashpoint scenario. "What? That was an American? Nuke America."

[2012-05-19 02:03:18] <Maya2> you just cant win!

[2012-05-19 02:03:29] <C1UCharon> Ew, Ill. just ew. But brilliant.

[2012-05-19 02:03:40] <Maya2> and seriously?! !! in ontario :D

[2012-05-19 02:03:56] <C1UCharon> Yeah. Potentially Vancouver as well, but that's not for certain.

[2012-05-19 02:04:10] <Maya2> u n me sorg, we got dis

[2012-05-19 02:04:23] <i3> Haha

[2012-05-19 02:04:36] <C1UCharon> I'll post the locations of the drops that are to occur tomorrow in the IRC a bit later tonight, after they're confirmed.

[2012-05-19 02:04:46] <Maya2> there was someone else in ontario too... i think i'll have to share it

[2012-05-19 02:04:51] <C1UCharon> Each drop point should be briefed on their drop the previous night.

[2012-05-19 02:04:57] <C1UCharon> Nah, just rush it.

[2012-05-19 02:05:13] <Maya2> can i request a drop style?

[2012-05-19 02:05:16] <C1UCharon> Take a buddy and a gun. You'll get that drop.

[2012-05-19 02:05:25] <C1UCharon> You know the area better than we do, sure.

[2012-05-19 02:05:33] <Maya2> in an umbrella :D

[2012-05-19 02:05:38] <C1UCharon> Haha

[2012-05-19 02:05:51] <C1UCharon> I'll shout at the team.

[2012-05-19 02:05:58] <i3> Man, if there's one here, I think the next closes SIFT is two days drive. Pretty safe bet for me.

[2012-05-19 02:06:01] <Sorgens> Make a drop in an umbrella in Vancouver, and it will be gone as soon as it's out of sight.

[2012-05-19 02:06:17] <C1UCharon> Rainy place?

[2012-05-19 02:06:20] <Sorgens> Yes

[2012-05-19 02:06:21] <i3> Yeah

[2012-05-19 02:06:28] <Maya2> can i tell you a general area that would be best? (dunno if thats askin a lot)

[2012-05-19 02:06:30] <C1UCharon> I also would've accepted "Stupid question, Charon"

[2012-05-19 02:06:33] <i3> A lot like seattle, if you've been

[2012-05-19 02:06:37] <C1UCharon> Go for it

[2012-05-19 02:07:42] <Maya2> i know theres a base near trenton, anywhere north, or north east of toronto :)

[2012-05-19 02:10:16] <C1UCharon> I'll be sure to pass it on, their team leader said something about being somewhat north to begin with

[2012-05-19 02:11:00] -!- po9099 [6c5d6c48@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[2012-05-19 02:11:07] <Maya2> toronto is in the south end :(

[2012-05-19 02:11:17] <i3> Lol

[2012-05-19 02:11:19] <C1UCharon> They're definitely in Toronto.

[2012-05-19 02:11:36] <i3> Somewhat north is a relative term

[2012-05-19 02:11:48] <C1UCharon> Yeah mang.

[2012-05-19 02:11:59] <i3> Once you're in canada at all, you're somewhat north

[2012-05-19 02:12:22] <C1UCharon> That's also pretty true.

[2012-05-19 02:13:10] <Maya2> better bring snowshoes and polar bear saddles

[2012-05-19 02:13:34] <C1UCharon> We're actually trained to use bears as beasts of burden.

[2012-05-19 02:14:07] <Maya2> hug them into submission?

[2012-05-19 02:14:31] <C1UCharon> That last bit wasn't true, bears are mean.

[2012-05-19 02:15:30] <i3> Hey, if we're done drop talk for now, mind if I hit you with a few questions on our translation? The translators wanted to pass them along

[2012-05-19 02:15:36] <C1UCharon> Sendi t

[2012-05-19 02:15:40] <C1UCharon> Wow. Space.

[2012-05-19 02:16:49] <i3> Have we heard anything about Aleph (or other splinters of Aum) in relationg to Tenmanten shrine? They had a bit that could have been a few words, or that name. We've got nothing on tenmanten from our side

[2012-05-19 02:17:08] <i3> relation was spelled by a madman in there...

[2012-05-19 02:17:20] <C1UCharon> I personally haven't. Could be a bit of new intel?

[2012-05-19 02:17:27] <C1UCharon> Recommended soundtrack:

[2012-05-19 02:17:46] -!- Kelgand [637f8b61@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #sift

[2012-05-19 02:17:55] <Kelgand> Evening, folks.

[2012-05-19 02:18:08] <anon_> back

[2012-05-19 02:18:09] <i3> Good timing kelgand

[2012-05-19 02:18:14] <i3> just missed a link

[2012-05-19 02:18:17] <Kelgand> What's up?

[2012-05-19 02:18:42] <Kelgand> Save me the trouble of skipping to the end of the logs? =p

[2012-05-19 02:18:43] <C1UCharon> Recommended soundtrack:

[2012-05-19 02:18:44] <i3> It could also be a mistranslation. We'll look into it tomorrow. Both the translator are new faces here, so they're still catching up

[2012-05-19 02:19:12] <i3> hmm. Will do, but when were you last on? you know what, watch that first, I'll summarize after

[2012-05-19 02:20:45] <i3> I love that you take the map. "Might need that again"

[2012-05-19 02:21:04] <Kelgand> I was on last night, saw the names get confirmed, and Charon came back with the taxi guy. Had to go to bed, didn't get a chance to be on since then, but I did see that there was a vid....I'm guessing that's what this is?

[2012-05-19 02:21:15] <i3> Yeah

[2012-05-19 02:21:17] <Kelgand> Or did the taxi guy leak a name?

[2012-05-19 02:21:31] <C1UCharon> GPS systems are mostly in Japanese over here. There's a way to modify your GPS from the states to have the maps that it needs to operate out here, though.

[2012-05-19 02:21:49] <i3> Haha. I thought you were just being thorough

[2012-05-19 02:21:55] <i3> Kelgand, that's our taxi guy

[2012-05-19 02:22:02] <C1UCharon> I like your explanation better. Let's go with that.

[2012-05-19 02:22:14] <i3> Heh.

[2012-05-19 02:22:27] <i3> Kelgand, we did get a pair of translators today

[2012-05-19 02:22:37] <i3> We got the name Uehara, and that he

[2012-05-19 02:22:46] <i3> 's flying from okinawa to osaka

[2012-05-19 02:22:51] <anon_> that music is terrible

[2012-05-19 02:22:59] <anon_> who are your friends

[2012-05-19 02:23:04] <C1UCharon> So popular over here right now.

[2012-05-19 02:24:00] <C1UCharon> Not my kind of tune at all.

[2012-05-19 02:24:12] <Kelgand> "Hmm, I could sure go for a taxi right about now." *knocks guy unconcious* "Oh, silly me. I parked right here."

[2012-05-19 02:24:26] <i3> Ha.

[2012-05-19 02:24:29] <C1UCharon> Hah.

[2012-05-19 02:24:56] <C1UCharon> To be fair, he wasn't unconscious until they pulled him behind that vehicle and put that choke to good use.

[2012-05-19 02:25:04] <Kelgand> i3, grats again. Charon, nicely done. Send my regards to your comrades there.

[2012-05-19 02:25:11] <C1UCharon> Wilco, good sir.

[2012-05-19 02:25:26] <anon_> that guy was just a kid

[2012-05-19 02:25:30] <C1UCharon> Sure was.

[2012-05-19 02:25:34] <C1UCharon> Sad thing, too.

[2012-05-19 02:25:35] -!- docatron [] has quit [Ping timeout: 250 seconds]

[2012-05-19 02:25:41] <Kelgand> Has there been any word on the global drops that were planned for the next 48 hours?

[2012-05-19 02:25:45] <Maya2> gotta clean ur car out

[2012-05-19 02:25:46] <i3> Thanks Kelgand, but I didn't do the translating, just found the guys

[2012-05-19 02:25:56] <Kelgand> Well, -hopefully- in the next 48.

[2012-05-19 02:26:03] <C1UCharon> We've got two drops likely to occur tomorrow, several others taking place in the days to follow.

[2012-05-19 02:26:10] <Sorgens> How long did it take you to get used to drive on the right side?

[2012-05-19 02:26:17] -!- anon_ [47d91d51@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #sift

[2012-05-19 02:26:20] <Kelgand> You got the list of names for us, i3 =)

[2012-05-19 02:26:22] <C1UCharon> After the third time, all I had to worry about was the traffic.

[2012-05-19 02:26:52] -!- anon_ [47d91d51@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #sift

[2012-05-19 02:27:09] <Humean>

[2012-05-19 02:27:44] <Maya2> scopolopamine!

[2012-05-19 02:28:31] <i3> BC, huh.

[2012-05-19 02:28:45] <Humean> seems so

[2012-05-19 02:29:26] <i3> It'll be interesting to see if they find anything

[2012-05-19 02:29:59] <Maya2> sounds like they're pretty sure there wasnt anything

[2012-05-19 02:30:37] <anon_> if it wasnt anything whys everything taed off?

[2012-05-19 02:31:41] <Maya2> No hazardous material found on Coquitlam bus RCMP tested the bus and found nothing dangerous

[2012-05-19 02:32:31] <i3> Oh. right. On that uchikawa thing: Apparently while it's a place, it's just a modifier away from a word meaning "Within" or "contained"

[2012-05-19 02:32:46] <i3> so it may not be a place... so much as a description

[2012-05-19 02:33:00] <i3> can't believe I forgot that when you had me check

[2012-05-19 02:33:03] <Sorgens> They taped it for precaution

[2012-05-19 02:33:08] <Sorgens> You know how reporters can be...

[2012-05-19 02:33:17] <anon_> ah

[2012-05-19 02:33:22] <Maya2> hey sorgens did u see?

[2012-05-19 02:33:26] <Sorgens> ?

[2012-05-19 02:33:33] <Maya2> we might be getting drops :)

[2012-05-19 02:33:37] <i3> So I guess don't put too much stock in that region, Charon

[2012-05-19 02:33:38] <Sorgens> Ah, yes, I saw

[2012-05-19 02:34:05] <C1UCharon> Not sure what to put stock in right now, brother.

[2012-05-19 02:34:17] <i3> Fair enough.

[2012-05-19 02:34:48] <Kelgand> And....logs have been skimmed.

[2012-05-19 02:34:54] <i3> great

[2012-05-19 02:35:14] <Maya2> ya, thanks again for posting the logs! finally caught up to speed

[2012-05-19 02:35:43] <i3> Yeah, no problem. It's good when we're all on the same page

[2012-05-19 02:37:42] <i3> It's strange to be all caught up on decrypting and translating... Nothing to have to work on till we get more from virgil

[2012-05-19 02:38:01] <Maya2> it'll be easier next time too

[2012-05-19 02:38:02] <i3> So of course the liquor store closes early, lol

[2012-05-19 02:38:15] <i3> Will it?

[2012-05-19 02:38:32] <Maya2> ya, now that we've got some translaters :)

[2012-05-19 02:38:38] <i3> Oh, yeah

[2012-05-19 02:39:01] <i3> And they seem like some decent guys too.

[2012-05-19 02:39:26] -!- nnothingg [] has quit [Quit: leaving]

[2012-05-19 02:39:37] <i3> I think Vriska was in here for 4 hours translating, having never heard of umbra before this afternoon

[2012-05-19 02:39:54] <Maya2> who posted the link that snatched em?

[2012-05-19 02:40:04] <Sorgens> Vriska found it in unfiction

[2012-05-19 02:40:10] <i3> We've got a few threads we keep updated around

[2012-05-19 02:40:19] <i3> to try and pull in some fresh blood

[2012-05-19 02:40:27] <Maya2> i've only heard 4chan and reddit mentioned

[2012-05-19 02:40:58] <i3> There's a few others on the docs, unfiction is one

[2012-05-19 02:41:02] <Sorgens> unfiction has been mentioned somewhat often

[2012-05-19 02:41:08] <i3> They love cracking codes over there

[2012-05-19 02:42:18] <Maya2> FFL you around?

[2012-05-19 02:42:27] <FFLaguna|Korea> Somewhat

[2012-05-19 02:44:35] -!- nnothingg [] has joined #sift

[2012-05-19 02:46:39] <i3> So, any more word on that the drops will be for, or is that something we should wait for Virgil for safe comms? I suspect we're all a little curious about what would need to be dropped.

[2012-05-19 02:48:03] <Sorgens> I placed the Spreaker RSS feed in the home page of the wiki

[2012-05-19 02:48:19] <i3> Brilliant

[2012-05-19 02:49:24] <i3> That things becoming so much more usefull to check info then a 70 page document... unsuprisingly

[2012-05-19 02:50:27] <Maya2> ill i think the drop is gonna be code books

[2012-05-19 02:50:40] <Sorgens> The doc is good for real time collaborations

[2012-05-19 02:50:51] <i3> Oh, yeah. I may have heard that... thanks maya

[2012-05-19 02:51:15] <i3> Yeah, it is. Wiki's just better if I'm looking back for connections

[2012-05-19 02:59:33] -!- Sypherr [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]

[2012-05-19 03:00:54] <i3> Wow. That friday night #sift. This is the fewest of us I've seen on in a while

[2012-05-19 03:07:51] <C1UCharon> So, did anyone actually check that video with the soundtrack intact? I thought it was clever.

[2012-05-19 03:08:20] <Kelgand> The HVT vid or the reccomended soundtrack?

[2012-05-19 03:08:51] <C1UCharon> Both, same time. The timing turns out to be hilarious.

[2012-05-19 03:08:56] <Maya2> i started it halfway through, does that count

[2012-05-19 03:09:23] <Kelgand> Oh, I thought of doing it like that but I wanted to hear the Okinawa noises =p

[2012-05-19 03:10:12] <i3> Heh, yeah, I did

[2012-05-19 03:10:34] <i3> Good music timing with the takedown

[2012-05-19 03:11:04] <Sorgens> I watched the vid with this as soundtrack:

[2012-05-19 03:11:08] <i3> which, is funny given also finding a song about taxis that matches up... Did you cut the video to time it that way?

[2012-05-19 03:11:27] <i3> If so, that's hilarious

[2012-05-19 03:11:30] <i3> if not, even more so

[2012-05-19 03:19:05] <i3> Hey, anyone hear about that Ivens guy in the last few days?

[2012-05-19 03:20:09] <Sorgens> Who?

[2012-05-19 03:21:25] <Maya2> apparently not. it sounds familiar

[2012-05-19 03:21:29] <i3> I think his name was Steven Ivens. FBI guy who tells an embassador that something "insane" is coming, and'll be called an attack on the states. He's vanished, but the FBI's been having hundred man search parties out looking for him

[2012-05-19 03:22:04] <i3> They arrested his partner a few hours after he ran for it, on "suspected child porn involvement"

[2012-05-19 03:22:30] <i3> They're calling him suicidal and distraught, but can't explain what he might be upset about

[2012-05-19 03:22:42] <Maya2> sounds like a poor cover up

[2012-05-19 03:22:54] <i3> I'm just thining it's not common for a gov. agent to go nuts and run like that

[2012-05-19 03:23:08] <i3> Yeah, it did maya.

[2012-05-19 03:23:43] <Maya2> maybe he was playing a convincing ARG

[2012-05-19 03:23:56] <i3>

[2012-05-19 03:24:29] <Maya2> amy looks anorexic

[2012-05-19 03:25:23] <i3> Ha. Hadn't watched the vid. She does

[2012-05-19 03:26:14] <C1UCharon> I am so not an FBI agent.

[2012-05-19 03:26:45] <i3> No one said you are... guilty concience?

[2012-05-19 03:27:12] <C1UCharon> Yes.

[2012-05-19 03:27:16] <C1UCharon> But not about this.

[2012-05-19 03:27:27] <i3> Ha.

[2012-05-19 03:27:52] <i3> I hope it's not about the cabbie.

[2012-05-19 03:28:10] <i3> He picked who to work with.

[2012-05-19 03:28:14] <C1UCharon> He got a pretty easy ride.

[2012-05-19 03:29:00] <C1UCharon> Couple of buddies went here and there, and I couldn't feel for them when they did. Did some counseling, but it didn't really help much. You're supposed to feel bad when your buddies die.

[2012-05-19 03:29:17] <C1UCharon> Alcohol's cheaper anyway.

[2012-05-19 03:30:17] <i3> Yeah. There's no good way to deal with a friend dieing. Especially that a "counseller" could give you.

[2012-05-19 03:31:15] <i3> Too much or too little emotion, and people will notice or comment

[2012-05-19 03:31:27] <C1UCharon> Not many good ways, at least. I wish I were upset by it. Really wish their deaths made me mad, sad. Anything. Doesn't happen.

[2012-05-19 03:31:32] <C1UCharon> It's almost like they were never there.

[2012-05-19 03:32:49] <i3> Well, if that's what's natural for you, I'd always run with it. It means no wasted time on it anyway

[2012-05-19 03:36:57] <i3> Apart from that. Still wierd to see the FBI having trouble chasing one of their own down

[2012-05-19 03:37:22] <Sorgens> Talkoing about people on the run

[2012-05-19 03:37:32] <Sorgens> Does anyone know what happened to the Seattle bunker guy?

[2012-05-19 03:37:34] <i3> If he didn't know anything and had no reason to run, they'd leave it for the cops

[2012-05-19 03:37:44] <i3> Seatle bunker guy?

[2012-05-19 03:37:50] <i3> or... Seattle

[2012-05-19 03:37:52] <C1UCharon> Captured. In custody.

[2012-05-19 03:38:00] <C1UCharon> Probably not too happy.

[2012-05-19 04:55:41] -!- C1UCharon [] has joined #sift

[2012-05-19 04:55:42] -!- mode/#sift [+o C1UCharon] by ChanServ

[2012-05-19 04:55:47] <Kelgand> Charon

[2012-05-19 04:55:51] <C1UCharon> Send it

[2012-05-19 04:56:10] <Kelgand> Does Virgil know you made a video of your taxi driver capture?

[2012-05-19 04:56:55] <C1UCharon> Yeah. Why do you ask?

[2012-05-19 04:57:00] <Kelgand> Huh.

[2012-05-19 04:57:14] <Kelgand> She sent us a picture of him in her latest transmission.

[2012-05-19 04:57:24] <Kelgand> Walking on the sidewalk before your video starts.

[2012-05-19 04:57:32] <Sorgens>

[2012-05-19 04:57:53] <C1UCharon> Intel dropped a picture of the cat earlier in the day. It was a rush to find him after that, so it wouldn't surprise me if they tossed her one as well.

[2012-05-19 04:57:59] <Sorgens>

[2012-05-19 04:58:06] <C1UCharon> It's probably some sort of reward for being a bunch of badasses.

[2012-05-19 04:58:15] <i3> Lol

[2012-05-19 04:58:23] <Kelgand> /flex

[2012-05-19 04:58:25] <i3> We'll take it

[2012-05-19 04:58:26] <C1UCharon> I

[2012-05-19 04:58:29] <C1UCharon> ha

[2012-05-19 04:58:35] <C1UCharon> I can't

[2012-05-19 04:58:37] <C1UCharon> Wow

[2012-05-19 04:58:41] <Kelgand> Type?

[2012-05-19 04:58:43] <C1UCharon> Sorgens wow

[2012-05-19 04:58:58] <C1UCharon> That was amazing man

[2012-05-19 04:59:24] <C1UCharon> I am so amuzed

[2012-05-19 04:59:33] <C1UCharon> That I'm spelling amused wrong

[2012-05-19 05:01:28] <nignog> Charon, I think it's time to lay down the vodka.

[2012-05-19 05:01:50] <C1UCharon> Sake tonight brother

[2012-05-19 05:02:09] <C1UCharon> White rice is a symbol of purity, and victory. Drink that shit

[2012-05-19 05:02:21] <Sorgens> Do you drink it hot or cold?

[2012-05-19 05:02:44] <Sorgens> I don't like it hot, I feel like the alcohol will evaporate... and that's a no-no

[2012-05-19 05:02:54] <C1UCharon> Hot, most times. Breathe in, breathe out, sip, breathe in, breathe out, gulp.

[2012-05-19 05:03:00] <C1UCharon> If you make it too hot, it sure will

[2012-05-19 05:03:06] <C1UCharon> and then, it tastes like ass.

[2012-05-19 05:03:17] <C1UCharon> Not good ass, either.

[2012-05-19 05:07:12] <C1UCharon> How'd the last transmission go? Wasn't here to see it.

[2012-05-19 05:07:19] <Sorgens> Damn... I've never heard transmission 11 before.

[2012-05-19 05:07:29] <Sorgens> The image is sure creepy, but the transmission...

[2012-05-19 05:07:45] <C1UCharon> 11? Having a listen

[2012-05-19 05:07:47] <Sorgens>

[2012-05-19 05:09:34] <C1UCharon> Oh hey, that's some Shoko right there.

[2012-05-19 05:09:39] <Kelgand> Oh, Charon. Do you know who is saying "ashes, ashes, we all burn down" in the background of one of the transmissions? It's a deep guy's voice whispering.

[2012-05-19 05:10:14] <C1UCharon> Sure don't. I know 11 here is Shoko Asahara chanting. I can even hear him say Aum.

[2012-05-19 05:10:52] <Kelgand> He needs to lay off of the creepy, he's had enough.

[2012-05-19 05:11:45] <C1UCharon> Needs to get killed already before some crackpot manages to rescue him.

[2012-05-19 05:16:59] <Kelgand> Kelgand|AFK

[2012-05-19 05:17:09] <Kelgand> Gonna sleep for a few hours, see you all.

[2012-05-19 05:17:40] <Kelgand> Oops

[2012-05-19 05:17:41] <Kelgand> >_>

[2012-05-19 05:17:46] -!- Kelgand is now known as Kelgand|AFK

[2012-05-19 05:17:48] <Kelgand|AFK> There we go

[2012-05-19 05:18:08] <C1UCharon> Night man.

[2012-05-19 05:24:42] -!- nnothingg [] has quit [Quit: leaving]

[2012-05-19 05:26:34] <i3> Heh. Sun came up, that means I should probably follow Kelgand's lead.

[2012-05-19 05:26:56] <i3> Are you posting here when drops get confirmed, Charon? or elsewhere?

[2012-05-19 05:29:44] <i3> Well, Either way I'll just check it in the morning. Gonna crash in just a few here.

[2012-05-19 05:30:35] <Sorgens> What was the eta for the next drop's coords?

[2012-05-19 05:35:51] <C1UCharon> Posting here, brother.

[2012-05-19 05:35:57] <C1UCharon> Sorry for the delay.

[2012-05-19 05:36:05] <C1UCharon> You'll be getting them in a few minutes. Shouldn't take long.

[2012-05-19 05:36:12] <i3> Oh

[2012-05-19 05:36:26] <i3> I'll wait a few before crashing then

[2012-05-19 05:36:45] <i3> I hate missing things just because I need to sleep to function

[2012-05-19 05:38:07] -!- stanley [~stanley@unaffiliated/stanley] has joined #sift

[2012-05-19 05:38:15] -!- maya2-afk [] has quit [Read error: No route to host]

[2012-05-19 05:38:58] -!- Maya2 [] has joined #sift

[2012-05-19 05:39:34] <Sorgens> Was that the client autoconnecting or you're back?

[2012-05-19 05:43:41] <Sorgens> I'm off to bed to now, night

[2012-05-19 05:43:50] <i3> Later Sorgens

[2012-05-19 05:44:17] -!- Sorgens [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]

[2012-05-19 05:53:59] <C1UCharon> SIFT, standby for general drop locations. The following drops are occurring TOMORROW at some point in time. Your coordinates will be given directly following tomorrow's drop.

[2012-05-19 05:54:27] <Kelgand|AFK> .

[2012-05-19 05:54:30] <C1UCharon> Two drops tomorrow, more to come in the following days. Your general drop locations are: SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA and ROYAL OAKS, MICHIGAN

[2012-05-19 05:55:03] <C1UCharon> Again, this is the first two of a GLOBAL DROP pattern.

[2012-05-19 05:57:07] <i3> Brilliant

[2012-05-19 05:57:24] <i3> I'll add those to docs and wiki for the people asleep right now

[2012-05-19 05:59:51] <i3> Alright, added a line to the docs in the most recent transmission, and added a page on the wiki for the global drop pattern

[2012-05-19 06:00:23] <i3> With that, I'm out. SIFT, Charon, have a good night

[2012-05-19 06:00:32] <C1UCharon> You too, brother. Stay sane.

[2012-05-19 06:00:48] <i3> Yeah, you too

[2012-05-19 06:00:58] -!- You're now known as i3_asleep

[2012-05-19 06:06:41] -!- Maya2 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]

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[2012-05-19 07:17:30] -!- Pliskin [7bd3728c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #sift

[2012-05-19 07:30:29] -!- lurker69 [~chatzilla@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]

[2012-05-19 07:36:11] -!- lurker69 [~chatzilla@] has joined #sift

[2012-05-19 07:36:31] -!- C1UCharon [] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]

[2012-05-19 17:01:28] -!- C1UCharon [] has joined #sift

[2012-05-19 17:01:47] -!- mode/#sift [+o C1UCharon] by ChanServ

[2012-05-19 17:02:08] <i3> Hey Charon

[2012-05-19 17:02:18] <C1UCharon> Hey.

[2012-05-19 17:02:26] <nnothingg> My boy C1UCharon ...

[2012-05-19 17:02:38] -!- nignog [5768002d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[2012-05-19 17:04:34] <C1UCharon>

[2012-05-19 17:04:36] <C1UCharon> 110129621--abc-news-topstories.html

[2012-05-19 17:04:45] <C1UCharon> Damn. looks too long.

[2012-05-19 17:05:28] <i3> yeah.

[2012-05-19 17:05:34] <i3> Pasted it together anyway

[2012-05-19 17:05:43] <i3> is this related, or just interesting?

[2012-05-19 17:05:47] <nnothingg> bro

[2012-05-19 17:05:51] <nnothingg> saw your video

[2012-05-19 17:06:08] <nnothingg> wait how is the chinese individual leaving china relevant?

[2012-05-19 17:06:21] <i3> Oh, I remmeber this guy...

[2012-05-19 17:06:24] -!- nignog [5768002d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #sift

[2012-05-19 17:06:25] <nnothingg> right

[2012-05-19 17:06:26] <C1UCharon> Interesting. US -Chinese relations have never been this...good.

[2012-05-19 17:06:38] <nnothingg> C1UCharon: what are we to take away from the new video.. guide us at least?

[2012-05-19 17:06:45] <i3> Yeah

[2012-05-19 17:07:08] <i3> I just love how much this guy's evaded in the past

[2012-05-19 17:07:11] <i3> for a blind guy

[2012-05-19 17:07:17] <i3> That's some skill

[2012-05-19 17:07:21] -!- Vriska|AFK is now known as Vriska

[2012-05-19 17:07:37] <C1UCharon> As usual, N, your questions are vague. The video's fairly straightforward. What do you want to know?

[2012-05-19 17:07:47] <i3> Hey Vriska, I don't have much for you yet,

[2012-05-19 17:08:03] <i3> as I'm writing some software to output all the possibilities

[2012-05-19 17:08:07] <nnothingg> I want to know the meaning of it.. what are you telling the viewers..

[2012-05-19 17:08:09] <Vriska> Oh that's brilliant of you

[2012-05-19 17:08:12] <i3> I should hopefully be done in the next hour

[2012-05-19 17:08:20] <i3> and, it'll be an applet

[2012-05-19 17:08:23] <Vriska> Good thinking i3!

[2012-05-19 17:08:27] <i3> so we can use it on future ones

[2012-05-19 17:08:29] <nnothingg> What impression do you wish for us to have after viewing

[2012-05-19 17:08:29] <C1UCharon> I didn't say anything to the viewers in the video, N. This isn't a painting.

[2012-05-19 17:08:30] <i3> thanks!

[2012-05-19 17:08:36] <nnothingg> ^

[2012-05-19 17:08:51] <nnothingg> Then the purpose of posting it? To archive or something?

[2012-05-19 17:09:07] <i3> I've got it to convert numbers to i ro ha, just need to get it to shift and output to file

[2012-05-19 17:09:11] <C1UCharon> Check the logs, and look at what I've said every time someone asked about the public nature of all this.

[2012-05-19 17:09:46] <nnothingg> Sounds like C1UCharon and the chinese individual have something in common.. evading things.

[2012-05-19 17:09:49] <nnothingg> Anyway

[2012-05-19 17:09:56] -!- nnothingg was kicked from #sift by C1UCharon [nnothingg]

[2012-05-19 17:10:01] <i3> heh

[2012-05-19 17:10:01] -!- nnothingg [] has joined #sift

[2012-05-19 17:10:14] <nnothingg> in any case, you've brought me back.. this is more serious and curious

[2012-05-19 17:10:31] <Vriska> Ah, Charon, it's nice to finally meet you

[2012-05-19 17:10:49] <i3> Vriska here is the translator that joined up yesterday

[2012-05-19 17:11:00] <C1UCharon> V, morning to you.

[2012-05-19 17:11:42] <Vriska> Ah, it's Sunday morning where you are, isn't it?

[2012-05-19 17:12:04] <C1UCharon> Is indeed. What about you?

[2012-05-19 17:12:13] <Vriska> It's still Saturday afternoon back here.

[2012-05-19 17:12:31] <C1UCharon> Solid.

[2012-05-19 17:12:34] <i3> like 4:12 there Vriska?

[2012-05-19 17:12:48] <int1> hey ill who is the guy in the link charon posted?

[2012-05-19 17:13:01] <int1> the blind guy

[2012-05-19 17:13:22] <Vriska> Yes indeed.

[2012-05-19 17:13:40] <i3> Oh, just a chinese dissident. The big deal is he's an activist the states convinced the chinese gov. to let go to the states, as I read it

[2012-05-19 17:14:02] <i3> Just a strange amount of cooperation from the chinese. A little out of the ordinary

[2012-05-19 17:14:04] <int1> ok i read that too just wasn't sure the connection

[2012-05-19 17:14:49] <int1> and while i'm talking i would like to say nice job on the takedown of that cabbie charon

[2012-05-19 17:15:08] <C1UCharon> Much appreciated. I'd be lying if I said it didn't feel good.

[2012-05-19 17:16:33] <Vriska> Was the cabbie a person from that list of names or simply an accomplice?

[2012-05-19 17:16:42] <i3> Where you still up when t41 came out Charon? It looks like your "high visibility" made Uehara go to ground before he made his flight

[2012-05-19 17:16:53] <i3> or... were you, I mean

[2012-05-19 17:17:00] <C1UCharon> He was an HVT confirmed on multiple lists.

[2012-05-19 17:17:25] <C1UCharon> Sure wasn't, Virg filled me in this morning. Good news, that.

[2012-05-19 17:17:46] <nnothingg> :)

[2012-05-19 17:17:46] <C1UCharon> Looks like she gave you all some props as well. Nicely done, SIFT.

[2012-05-19 17:17:51] <nnothingg> ty

[2012-05-19 17:18:00] <Vriska> A pleasure to be of service.

[2012-05-19 17:18:09] <i3> Yeah, she's seemed pretty happy with us. That's a good sign

[2012-05-19 17:18:25] <jeebus_1> Hey Charon, has there been any chatter about the transit of venus on june 5th?

[2012-05-19 17:18:32] <nnothingg> lol

[2012-05-19 17:18:37] <C1UCharon> Not that I'm immediately aware of.

[2012-05-19 17:18:47] <nnothingg> Why not, it's a big event

[2012-05-19 17:18:52] <i3> Man, if they do something then, I'll be pissed

[2012-05-19 17:18:57] <i3> That's on my birthday

[2012-05-19 17:19:02] <nnothingg> kewl

[2012-05-19 17:19:08] <i3> lol

[2012-05-19 17:19:16] <nnothingg> what

[2012-05-19 17:20:30] <C1UCharon> Any significant natural event is likely to pull attention from our current enemy. They like the metaphorical value of things.

[2012-05-19 17:20:32] <jeebus_1> I just ask because it seems as if their timetable has moved. If they're still wishing to adhere to ceremony and superstition, that'd be the next best date.

[2012-05-19 17:20:54] <nnothingg> Well either way it will be bad ass

[2012-05-19 17:21:05] <jeebus_1> Since it isn't going to happen again until 2117

[2012-05-19 17:21:15] <nnothingg> Right.

[2012-05-19 17:21:23] <C1UCharon> Getting more and more significant as I hear more and more of it.

[2012-05-19 17:21:30] <nnothingg> ?

[2012-05-19 17:21:47] <jeebus_1> I think I'm gonna try and film it in june.

[2012-05-19 17:21:56] <Vriska> Actually guys, I'm not sure we're out of the woods on "significant natural event" yet.

[2012-05-19 17:21:58] <nnothingg> You have some solar filters?

[2012-05-19 17:22:00] <jeebus_1> going to be very cool

[2012-05-19 17:22:03] <i3> Nice. That'll be cool

[2012-05-19 17:22:08] <jeebus_1> yup

[2012-05-19 17:22:17] <C1UCharon> I sure don't. I think the store up the road sells them.

[2012-05-19 17:22:32] <Vriska> It's observed less frequently in the modern era but within Shinto and some various Japanese folk-magic traditions, the 24 Sekki are still observed.

[2012-05-19 17:22:54] <Vriska> the sekki are the days which divide the year into 24 equal solar terms.

[2012-05-19 17:22:55] -!- moodle [] has left #sift

[2012-05-19 17:23:08] <Vriska> Kind of like how Pagans divide the year into eighths with their wheel of the sabbats?

[2012-05-19 17:23:16] <i3> I'd never heard of those

[2012-05-19 17:23:21] <i3> interesting

[2012-05-19 17:23:23] <C1UCharon> This V guy's a nice addition. Where'd you pick him up?

[2012-05-19 17:23:25] <Vriska> And the next one is Shouman, on 5/21.

[2012-05-19 17:23:31] <jeebus_1> unfiction

[2012-05-19 17:23:51] <jeebus_1> i3 grabbed him I think. unless i'm way off.

[2012-05-19 17:24:02] <i3> Umm, lurker69 and I both contacted him

[2012-05-19 17:24:02] <Vriska> i3 and lurker69 both messaged me for translations.

[2012-05-19 17:24:22] <nnothingg> Grabbed him up off the streets, your approach Charon

[2012-05-19 17:24:24] <jeebus_1> i3 and lurker. High five guys

[2012-05-19 17:24:25] <nnothingg> zing

[2012-05-19 17:24:28] <nnothingg> See what I did there?

[2012-05-19 17:24:37] <i3> Though in all honesty it's Vriska interest that we're lucky for. We just sent him some info

[2012-05-19 17:25:22] <Vriska> It's worth noting that the sekki can vary by +/- 1 day either way, so I'm not totally solid on this year's timing for it though.

[2012-05-19 17:25:35] <Vriska> Might be running in what is today for Charon, might be tomorrow.

[2012-05-19 17:25:53] <i3> it's probably close enough to the eclipse that like for it, they won't be ready

[2012-05-19 17:26:05] <i3> do you know when the next one is, after it?

[2012-05-19 17:26:08] <Vriska> The solstices and equinoxes are also counted as part of the sekki, so it's worth watching out for those too.

[2012-05-19 17:26:18] <C1UCharon> Hah.

[2012-05-19 17:26:18] <Vriska> Boshu, around June 6.

[2012-05-19 17:26:26] <C1UCharon> Just back, caught that N.

[2012-05-19 17:26:32] <Vriska> After that it's the summer solstice.

[2012-05-19 17:26:47] <i3> the transit is also on june 6

[2012-05-19 17:27:08] <nnothingg> heh

[2012-05-19 17:27:21] <lurker69> oh hi guys, we got activity again, nice one nnothingg

[2012-05-19 17:27:27] <nnothingg> :D

[2012-05-19 17:28:17] <Vriska> Furthermore, we may want to pay attention to seasonal festivals, as those turn into massive gatherings of people and therefore they are plausible targets for any attack the enemy may wish to carry out.

[2012-05-19 17:29:08] <Vriska> Children's Day is over so aside from little local things, the next big widely-celebrated one should be Tanabata at 7/7 for most of the country.

[2012-05-19 17:29:19] <nnothingg> :]

[2012-05-19 17:29:24] <Vriska> Japanese culture has a shitton of holidays.

[2012-05-19 17:29:36] <i3> well, if there's nothing in june, we'll look out for that one then

[2012-05-19 17:31:08] <nnothingg> wild, C1UCharon amirite?

[2012-05-19 17:31:16] <nnothingg> Girls dressing as dolls... their porn is like ..squid stuff

[2012-05-19 17:31:29] <nnothingg> I love .jp for their craziness

[2012-05-19 17:31:32] <C1UCharon> They sell used clothing items in porn stores over here.

[2012-05-19 17:39:26] <lurker69> C1UCharon: PLEASE CONFIRM CONNECTION BETWEEN SUSPECT DEVICE AND PROJECT ARTICHOKE was that confirmed, are we suppose to confirm that, was that you asking virgil or virgil asking us

[2012-05-19 17:39:45] <lurker69> thats from trans 18

[2012-05-19 17:39:52] <C1UCharon> That was some old traffic between Virgil and myself.

[2012-05-19 17:40:22] <lurker69> was it confirmed?

[2012-05-19 17:40:38] <C1UCharon> Sure wasn't. They had a hard time confirming anything past "It's a box that people don't like".

[2012-05-19 17:40:58] <nnothingg> Why isn't Virgil in any of your videos.. im disappointed.. I feel the lack of her is a disservice to us

[2012-05-19 17:41:02] <Vriska> Regarding that box, do we have a picture of the kanji? I was going to see if I could read it.

[2012-05-19 17:41:11] <lurker69> and no medical report about burned bodies yet?

[2012-05-19 17:41:18] <C1UCharon> Still no pictures regarding the device.

[2012-05-19 17:41:25] <Vriska> After the infuriating ambiguity of the hiragana, some kanji would be a relief at this point.

[2012-05-19 17:41:44] <C1UCharon> Medical report wouldn't come to me, unfortunately. I'm nowhere near that chain of command. Virgil said she'd try to get it back, but hasn't been able to yet.

[2012-05-19 17:42:04] <C1UCharon> Device remains in USAF control, under lockdown for a potential danger to personnel. They haven't updated me on it.

[2012-05-19 17:42:07] <lurker69> vrisska: you dont want to see encrypted kanji

[2012-05-19 17:43:00] <Vriska> Haha, probably not. It'd just be nice to have more concrete meanings instead of playing the homonym game.

[2012-05-19 17:44:29] <lurker69> that i can understand, but i imagine that intended reciever would have same problems as we do

[2012-05-19 17:45:16] <lurker69> or they use some kind of glossary with allowed words...

[2012-05-19 17:45:49] <Vriska> Probably they have an agreed-upon set of meanings and alternates for the really common ones.

[2012-05-19 17:46:37] <Vriska> Do we have coordinates for the next drops yet?

[2012-05-19 17:46:39] <nnothingg> C1UCharon: so i just had a thought....i dono why i didnt think of it before, what the hell are you doing with that dude you ...acquired , not sexually abusing him or something I hope

[2012-05-19 17:47:11] <C1UCharon> Mr Taxi made his way into a detention facility at around 0300 this morning.

[2012-05-19 17:47:19] <lurker69> coded messages should have only one very distinctive meaning not some metaphorical stuff that everybody can interpret as he wish

[2012-05-19 17:47:47] <C1UCharon> After the sorts of responses we received yesterday during his stay with us, I'm not going to go into detail about how enjoyable his stay was.

[2012-05-19 17:47:51] <nnothingg> Mr Taxi makes it sound like a character from those Cars Disney movies

[2012-05-19 17:48:14] <Vriska> Unfortunately the Japanese language has so many homonyms that with only hiragana, you need context before you can make much sense of anything.

[2012-05-19 17:48:15] <C1UCharon> There's a popular Japanese song out right now called Mr Taxi

[2012-05-19 17:48:22] <C1UCharon> It's stuck in my head

[2012-05-19 17:48:32] <lurker69> Miyagi Takeshi respect him little bit please

[2012-05-19 17:48:32] <nnothingg> =\

[2012-05-19 17:48:43] <nnothingg> J Pop? those annoying high voice girls?

[2012-05-19 17:49:01] <C1UCharon>

[2012-05-19 17:49:07] <nnothingg> Yikes

[2012-05-19 17:49:22] <C1UCharon> Recommended soundtrack to our snatch video

[2012-05-19 17:49:32] <nnothingg> heh snatch.

[2012-05-19 17:49:38] <Vriska> For instance, "kami no hourei ga mata hataraku." Kami is god, paper, hair, above, director, and a conjugation of the verb "to bite." Hourei could have been laws, the common people, cooling.

[2012-05-19 17:50:27] <Vriska> Haha, Shoujo Jidai/SNSD is actually South Korean.

[2012-05-19 17:50:39] <Vriska> They perform in both SK and Japan though.

[2012-05-19 17:50:58] <C1UCharon> Phrasing, right?

[2012-05-19 17:52:13] <Vriska> Phrasing? Not sure I follow you, Charon?

[2012-05-19 17:52:43] <C1UCharon> Archer joke.

[2012-05-19 17:52:46] <nnothingg> C1UCharon: what of TEMPEST?

[2012-05-19 17:52:51] <nnothingg> Fuckin' Archer, sweet

[2012-05-19 17:53:02] <C1UCharon> Tempest?

[2012-05-19 17:53:12] <nnothingg> Not familiar with TEMPEST?

[2012-05-19 17:53:26] <jeebus_1> Archer...ah I love that show...

[2012-05-19 17:53:28] <C1UCharon> Not in the least, unless you're talking about the old arcade game.

[2012-05-19 17:53:29] <nnothingg> me too:)

[2012-05-19 17:53:36] <nnothingg> No C1UCharon ... nevermind then;)

[2012-05-19 17:53:44] <C1UCharon> Roger that

[2012-05-19 17:56:19] <C1UCharon> Bonsai's on it's way out.

[2012-05-19 17:57:56] <C1UCharon> Eh, maybe not. Still some green there.

[2012-05-19 17:58:15] <nnothingg> hm

[2012-05-19 18:00:30] <Vriska> Have we received coordinates for the Seoul and Royal Oaks drops yet?

[2012-05-19 18:00:36] <Vriska> (Do we even have someone in Michigan?)

[2012-05-19 18:00:46] <C1UCharon> Royal Oaks team is inbound as of right now.

[2012-05-19 18:00:48] <C1UCharon> Yeah, we do

[2012-05-19 18:03:47] -!- nignog [5768002d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[2012-05-19 18:04:03] <Vriska> I was discussing the location spread with Maya earlier. I'm in Seattle, we have someone in California, a couple in Texas, and then a bunch in Europe apparently?

[2012-05-19 18:04:55] <C1UCharon> That's how it's looking. We're trying to hit as many locations as possible.

[2012-05-19 18:06:33] <i3> Vriska, we've got uk, canada, germany, korea, australia as well

[2012-05-19 18:06:46] <Vriska> Oh, excellent. Global coverage.

[2012-05-19 18:06:47] <nnothingg> I've been watching the video a few times C1UCharon , clean hit huh?

[2012-05-19 18:07:08] <nnothingg> I noticed a figure, dark, in the background as you were delivering the hit, I wonder what they thought :o)

[2012-05-19 18:07:11] <nnothingg> lolz

[2012-05-19 18:07:18] <C1UCharon> One to the groin, one to the throat.

[2012-05-19 18:07:28] <C1UCharon> The dark figure's probably Beef getting the bag ready.

[2012-05-19 18:07:48] <C1UCharon> We did have some civilians around. A mother and son saw the bag coming to the vehicle, looked very upset.

[2012-05-19 18:07:49] <nnothingg> Maybe... they seemed pretty far back.. like not even involved

[2012-05-19 18:07:58] <C1UCharon> I smiled and waved but they didn't want anything to do with me.

[2012-05-19 18:08:05] <nnothingg> Maybe the momma caught your plate:o)

[2012-05-19 18:08:19] <C1UCharon> She didn't write anything down, so I doubt it.

[2012-05-19 18:08:23] <nnothingg> ah

[2012-05-19 18:08:37] <nnothingg> So what next... barrel of acid vs body ?

[2012-05-19 18:08:47] <C1UCharon> I'd be more worried about the parked driver behind me, but eyewitness reports are unreliable for extended events, and the assault took around 60 seconds.

[2012-05-19 18:09:05] <C1UCharon> Oh no, he's a kid. Cooperative kid. He's been taken into further custody following questioning.

[2012-05-19 18:09:16] <FFLaguna|Korea> [02:43:18] <Vriska> Will FFL be able to get the Seoul drop or is that too far from where they are?

[2012-05-19 18:09:18] <C1UCharon> It'll keep him safe from his buddies, who apparently like to incinerate bodies.

[2012-05-19 18:09:20] <nnothingg> Acid can be quite effective though :o)

[2012-05-19 18:09:21] <FFLaguna|Korea> Let me take a look ;)

[2012-05-19 18:09:41] <C1UCharon> Expensive and nasty to work with

[2012-05-19 18:10:11] <C1UCharon> It's why you hear much about ANFO and AN-AL but not so much about the HME renditions requiring the use of sulfuric acid

[2012-05-19 18:11:08] <nnothingg> How come no effort was made to...mask

[2012-05-19 18:12:03] <Vriska> I'm not surprised by the lack of masks.

[2012-05-19 18:12:16] <Vriska> Haha, you know how Americans think all Asians look the same? We Asians usually think that about you guys.

[2012-05-19 18:12:29] <C1UCharon> Back

[2012-05-19 18:12:40] <nnothingg> Vriska: not all americans.

[2012-05-19 18:12:44] <nnothingg> I'm not a racist cunt like most

[2012-05-19 18:12:51] <C1UCharon> If you don't know that guy, you're probably not going to be able to finger him.

[2012-05-19 18:13:02] <nnothingg> ew

[2012-05-19 18:13:06] <C1UCharon> If our enemy gets his face and looks for him: awesome. Maybe they'll try something.

[2012-05-19 18:13:10] <C1UCharon> Phrasing. Hah.

[2012-05-19 18:13:15] <Vriska> That is a delight to hear, nnothingg. I'm used to dealing with pretty ignorant people unfortunately.

[2012-05-19 18:13:36] <nnothingg> meh, dont get me started on racists

[2012-05-19 18:14:46] -!- karma [] has quit [Ping timeout: 260 seconds]

[2012-05-19 18:16:29] <jeebus_1> a question we here alot in Cali, "what race do you identify with?" my answer is always "human"

[2012-05-19 18:16:42] <jeebus_1> *hear

[2012-05-19 18:17:24] <Vriska> Thankfully I don't get that so much now that I live in Chinatown. It was way worse when I lived in Virginia for a while.

[2012-05-19 18:17:41] <Vriska> I was one of three Asians in town and everybody kept assuming we were related.

[2012-05-19 18:18:41] <jeebus_1> of course, bright side though, the ignorant shits probably didn't mess with you too much because "they all know martial arts, hyuck."

[2012-05-19 18:18:50] <jeebus_1> people are dicks some times

[2012-05-19 18:20:09] <nnothingg> Charon?

[2012-05-19 18:20:13] <C1UCharon> Send it.

[2012-05-19 18:21:32] <nnothingg> Any news about his disappearance yet C1UCharon

[2012-05-19 18:23:10] <C1UCharon> FBI guy?

[2012-05-19 18:23:18] <nnothingg> hvt

[2012-05-19 18:23:24] <i3> I think he means our cabbie

[2012-05-19 18:23:56] <jeebus_1> yeah you guys didn't make the news pulling him off the street did you?

[2012-05-19 18:24:09] <lurker69> nnothingg: things like that happen every day, nothing to see there

[2012-05-19 18:24:40] <nnothingg> that some site where users can ...make the news and content for the site..

[2012-05-19 18:24:45] <C1UCharon> Nothing I've seen yet. I know when we pulled away, we had some pretty good attention, so it wouldn't surprise me. That being said, I can't read the papers around here.

[2012-05-19 18:25:34] <nnothingg> i3: you watched the hit yeah? Well executed? ye? nay?

[2012-05-19 18:26:21] <i3> I'd say so. I don't have any real experience with this though.

[2012-05-19 18:26:34] <nnothingg> looked cllean though?

[2012-05-19 18:26:54] <nnothingg> clean, swift

[2012-05-19 18:28:34] <C1UCharon> Was fast, was clean, nobody ran up on us or eyeballed us on our initial approach. It'll be tough for them to relay info, and many of them could be afraid to come forward.

[2012-05-19 18:29:09] <C1UCharon> What's most sobering every time you do a snatch in public is that no one does anything. They stand, or they move faster to where they're going. They look, but they don't speak.

[2012-05-19 18:29:31] <nnothingg> Well this excited me again, and not just sexually, now we're actually offing people

[2012-05-19 18:29:38] <C1UCharon> Most often, you assault the individual, get positive ID, roll him up tight and move on, and no one says a word.

[2012-05-19 18:29:47] -!- falk0r [] has joined #sift

[2012-05-19 18:29:55] <C1UCharon> Snatch again, eh?

[2012-05-19 18:29:59] -!- maya2-afk [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]

[2012-05-19 18:30:30] <nnothingg> :>

[2012-05-19 18:30:37] -!- Maya2 [] has joined #sift

[2012-05-19 18:31:19] -!- anon [47d91d51@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #sift

[2012-05-19 18:31:37] <anon> anything new?

[2012-05-19 18:31:56] <nnothingg> nope

[2012-05-19 18:32:01] <anon> lame

[2012-05-19 18:34:49] <Vriska> Anon, i3 is working on an applet to make the Iroha ciphers easier to handle

[2012-05-19 18:34:58] <Vriska> Once he has that done, we should be able to move a bit more quickly

[2012-05-19 18:35:12] <nnothingg> applet? java?

[2012-05-19 18:35:14] <anon> oh wow thats awesome

[2012-05-19 18:41:53] -!- Maya2 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]

[2012-05-19 18:45:21] -!- anon [47d91d51@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #sift

[2012-05-19 18:58:11] -!- nomnomnom [6379de62@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #sift

[2012-05-19 19:06:52] <i3> I have to take a break from the coding, here guys, I should have the software, and every possibility of the hiragana out a little later tonight

[2012-05-19 19:07:40] <i3> Sorry it's taking a bit, there's some output problems if I want to maintain line breaks

[2012-05-19 19:07:48] <Vriska> Thanks for all your hard work, i3! I appreciate it.

[2012-05-19 19:07:49] <i3> which seems important for translation

[2012-05-19 19:07:57] <i3> Yeah, no problem!

[2012-05-19 19:13:47] -!- nomnomnom [6379de62@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[2012-05-19 19:36:08] -!- C1UCharon [] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]

[2012-05-19 19:37:37] -!- C1UCharon [] has joined #sift

[2012-05-19 19:37:37] -!- mode/#sift [+o C1UCharon] by ChanServ

[2012-05-19 19:46:07] -!- Sorgens [] has joined #sift

[2012-05-19 19:46:30] <Sorgens> Hallo

[2012-05-19 19:51:29] -!- Sorgens1 [] has joined #sift

[2012-05-19 19:51:33] <C1UCharon> Hey, Sorg.

[2012-05-20 00:48:00] -!- C1UCharon [] has joined #sift

[2012-05-20 00:48:56] -!- mode/#sift [+o C1UCharon] by ChanServ

[2012-05-20 00:49:16] <C1UCharon> Back for real this time.

[2012-05-20 00:49:18] <i3-programming> Evening Charon

[2012-05-20 00:49:50] <C1UCharon> Evenin', Ill.

[2012-05-20 00:50:38] <Sorgens> Hello

[2012-05-20 00:50:47] <C1UCharon> Sorg, hey.

[2012-05-20 00:50:53] <anon> it the top and the bottom the same thing ill?

[2012-05-20 00:51:09] <i3-programming> in romaji and hiragana, yes

[2012-05-20 00:51:18] <i3-programming> same sounds, different writing

[2012-05-20 00:52:14] <anon> ok cool

[2012-05-20 00:52:57] <i3-programming> of course, I got it here after Vriska left

[2012-05-20 00:53:27] <anon> lol she was here for a while too :D

[2012-05-20 00:54:12] <i3-programming> Yeah, but I was in and out of home this evening, trying to code on my laptop when I could

[2012-05-20 00:54:28] <i3-programming> Oh well, tomorrow shouldn't be too late

[2012-05-20 00:54:30] <jeebus_1> Timing is.............something.

[2012-05-20 00:55:05] <nekosan> ?

[2012-05-20 00:55:14] <i3-programming> any news on how the drops went today?

[2012-05-20 00:55:45] <C1UCharon> Drop coords aren't back just yet.

[2012-05-20 00:55:46] <Vriska|AFK> Ah, I was just about to turn in, lucky I checked my computer!

[2012-05-20 00:55:53] <Vriska|AFK> Thanks for your hard work, i3

[2012-05-20 00:56:17] <i3-programming> Oh, yeah. If none of those work, I'll run it on the other axis too

[2012-05-20 00:56:22] <anon> there were new drops today?

[2012-05-20 00:56:28] <i3-programming> I'm just finishing up it's ability to do that

[2012-05-20 00:57:28] <Vriska|AFK> The last one might be on to something, but it's kind of a stretch, so let's see the verticals later.

[2012-05-20 00:57:50] <i3-programming> For sure

[2012-05-20 00:58:05] <C1UCharon> Texas SIFT, report in

[2012-05-20 00:58:33] <anon> falk0r is in texas right?

[2012-05-20 00:58:44] <i3-programming> JB was too. Haven't seen him in ages

[2012-05-20 00:59:31] <anon> i wonder how hes doing

[2012-05-20 00:59:39] <Vriska|AFK> I'm heading to bed because I've got parkour class tomorrow, but I'll check back in sometime in the morning.

[2012-05-20 00:59:48] <Vriska|AFK> Good luck, everybody!

[2012-05-20 00:59:58] <anon> that sounds fun vriska good night

[2012-05-20 01:00:01] <C1UCharon> Night, Vriska.

[2012-05-20 01:00:10] <Sorgens> That sounds hardkour

[2012-05-20 01:00:11] <jeebus_1> danke, you's too Vriska

[2012-05-20 01:00:19] <jeebus_1> ba dum tss.

[2012-05-20 01:00:24] <i3-programming> that's... awesome

[2012-05-20 01:00:35] <i3-programming> I'll have 10 more of those for you tomorrow

[2012-05-20 01:00:43] <C1UCharon> Parkour's good news.

[2012-05-20 01:01:37] <Vriska|AFK> I'll look forward to it, i3!

[2012-05-20 01:01:52] <Vriska|AFK> And anon, the gym's just up in Queen Anne if you're ever interested in bussing up sometime

[2012-05-20 01:02:06] <anon> ive got some opertives in texas

[2012-05-20 01:02:14] <anon> ty vriska!

[2012-05-20 01:02:28] <Vriska|AFK> I've been going for a couple months and it's the most fun I've ever had working out.

[2012-05-20 01:02:49] -!- Vriska|AFK [47d91b9a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[2012-05-20 01:03:04] <C1UCharon> You have an operative in Texas? What area?

[2012-05-20 01:03:04] <anon> Charon where in texas?

[2012-05-20 01:03:22] <anon> houston and another place

[2012-05-20 01:04:00] <C1UCharon> I've got a couple of places. Carlton, Fort Worth

[2012-05-20 01:04:04] <C1UCharon> There's another, standby one

[2012-05-20 01:04:16] <anon> roger

[2012-05-20 01:04:27] <C1UCharon> Austin

[2012-05-20 01:05:00] <C1UCharon> College Station area

[2012-05-20 01:05:07] <anon> waiting for response

[2012-05-20 01:05:25] <anon> lol stoners will do almost anything if you ask right :D

[2012-05-20 01:06:20] <anon> south by gulf

[2012-05-20 01:08:36] <jeebus_1> Just had an earthquake in cali...

[2012-05-20 01:08:55] <anon> how bad was it?

[2012-05-20 01:09:25] <anon> my comrde is 165 mls to closest drop

[2012-05-20 01:09:26] <jeebus_1> usgs isn't updating yet.

[2012-05-20 01:09:36] <i3-programming> Everything fine though?

[2012-05-20 01:09:43] <Sorgens>

[2012-05-20 01:09:44] <jeebus_1> think so.

[2012-05-20 01:09:51] <jeebus_1> ah 2.3

[2012-05-20 01:09:54] <jeebus_1> it was nothing

[2012-05-20 01:10:24] <anon> earth just fetting comphy

[2012-05-20 01:10:27] <anon> getting

[2012-05-20 01:11:11] <jeebus_1> 4.4 in chile about 25 min ago too

[2012-05-20 01:11:41] <jeebus_1> ring of fire's been kinda hot today...

[2012-05-20 01:11:58] <anon> great, cant wait for rainier to blow

[2012-05-20 01:12:34] <jeebus_1> hey I'll have a decent show.

[2012-05-20 01:12:45] <jeebus_1> You're kinda front row though aren't you?

[2012-05-20 01:12:59] <C1UCharon> Survive the initial catastrophe, work the egress

[2012-05-20 01:13:06] <C1UCharon> Have a badass story to tell later on

[2012-05-20 01:13:16] <anon> front and center

[2012-05-20 01:13:30] <jeebus_1> nice

[2012-05-20 01:14:12] <anon> most my family lives in the valley, they wont make it

[2012-05-20 01:14:15] <anon> lol

[2012-05-20 01:16:44] <jeebus_1> pyroclastic cloud, brb.

[2012-05-20 01:17:59] <anon> any where else charon

[2012-05-20 01:18:38] <C1UCharon> Looking into it, we've got several in Texas, just have to pin them down for current locations.

[2012-05-20 01:21:56] <anon> ok

[2012-05-20 01:22:00] <i3-programming> hey guys:

[2012-05-20 01:22:24] <Maya2> dang ill

[2012-05-20 01:22:52] <i3-programming> more importantly, if we need to do it again in the future, it takes 4 seconds to do that

[2012-05-20 01:23:09] <Maya2> nice job!

[2012-05-20 01:23:17] <Maya2> double tinfoil crown?

[2012-05-20 01:23:19] <i3-programming> thanks!

[2012-05-20 01:24:14] <i3-programming> I can upload the tool, too

[2012-05-20 01:24:23] <Sorgens> I'd love to see the code for sure

[2012-05-20 01:24:26] <i3-programming> just no one look too much at the code and judge me...

[2012-05-20 01:24:28] <i3-programming> damnit

[2012-05-20 01:24:35] <i3-programming> it's REALLY kludgey

[2012-05-20 01:26:20] <i3-programming> I can put up the jar and the src. The question is, using what?

[2012-05-20 01:27:22] -!- jeebus_1 [~Houseleve@] has left #sift

[2012-05-20 01:27:49] -!- jeebus_1 [~Houseleve@] has joined #sift

[2012-05-20 01:27:50] <C1UCharon> No judgment here, buddy.

[2012-05-20 01:28:59] <i3-programming> anyone know a good free way to drop a file at a link for people?

[2012-05-20 01:29:37] <C1UCharon> What sort of file are we talking?

[2012-05-20 01:29:57] <i3-programming> I rar-ed it

[2012-05-20 01:30:10] <i3-programming> so sorgens can have the files, as well as the tool

[2012-05-20 01:31:30] <C1UCharon> Can't host on the wikia? I'm not sure how all that works. Rapidshare?

[2012-05-20 01:31:45] <i3-programming> I've never looked at the wikia, actually

[2012-05-20 01:31:49] <i3-programming> I'll check both those

[2012-05-20 01:33:43] <Sorgens> mediafire is nice

[2012-05-20 01:33:52] <Sorgens> no captchas and no waiting time

[2012-05-20 01:33:56] <Sorgens> just some pop ups

[2012-05-20 01:35:44] <i3-programming> then, there you go sorgens

[2012-05-20 01:36:00] <i3-programming> I'll totally clean up those methods...

[2012-05-20 01:36:07] <i3-programming> and the nested switch statements

[2012-05-20 01:37:33] -!- You're now known as i3

[2012-05-20 01:37:46] <i3> If I didn't mention before, I built i ro ha into it

[2012-05-20 01:38:00] <i3> so you can just copy paste the numbers into the text fiel

[2012-05-20 01:38:01] <i3> d

[2012-05-20 01:39:14] <C1UCharon> Ill man, you're the shit.

[2012-05-20 01:39:30] <i3> Haha. Thanks.

[2012-05-20 01:40:39] <jeebus_1> I gotta know, who posted this?

[2012-05-20 01:40:43] <C1UCharon> How's this stuff work?

[2012-05-20 01:41:15] <i3> Lol. I have no idea, jeebus_1, and what stuff?

[2012-05-20 01:41:48] <jeebus_1> It's hilarious.

[2012-05-20 01:42:04] <Maya2> lmao!!

[2012-05-20 01:42:06] <anon> omg jeebus thats awesome

[2012-05-20 01:42:14] <Maya2> thats totally us

[2012-05-20 01:42:50] <jeebus_1> I think he means your program o' hard work i3

[2012-05-20 01:44:07] <i3> Oh. running it will open a window with a text field and a button. Drop in the numbers, the button chooses a save location. It has the i ro ha table built in as an x y axis with a character at each entry

[2012-05-20 01:44:29] <anon> im a bit late but this is where i am compared to mt rainier

[2012-05-20 01:44:47] <C1UCharon> That's rad.

[2012-05-20 01:45:21] <i3> It also has the hiragana table as an grid in the same way, and just adds one to the x of every character, prints them all, then does it again till it arrives where it started... then it does the same up and down

[2012-05-20 01:45:30] <i3> Oh shit...

[2012-05-20 01:45:37] <i3> the up and down is wrong

[2012-05-20 01:46:02] <Sorgens> What IDE do you use, ill

[2012-05-20 01:46:18] <i3> I'll have to re upload. The two that have 3 characters instead of five in a line will end up off for the up down shift with how I did that

[2012-05-20 01:46:21] <i3> netbeans

[2012-05-20 01:46:37] <i3> Just let me fix that and re upload

[2012-05-20 01:48:02] <C1UCharon> What if you could select the shift? Not to add to your wor

[2012-05-20 01:48:04] <C1UCharon> work^

[2012-05-20 01:48:27] <i3> This just prints all of them, but it'd be very easy to write that too

[2012-05-20 01:48:53] <i3> If we find there's a consistant shift used, it wouldn't take me longer than half an hour to add

[2012-05-20 01:48:56] <anon> net beans? hahaha

[2012-05-20 01:51:21] <Sorgens> Earthquake of 6 in Japan 26 mins ago...

[2012-05-20 01:51:59] <C1UCharon> Mainland?

[2012-05-20 01:52:13] <Sorgens> Yes

[2012-05-20 01:52:34] <jeebus_1> saw that one. pretty good sized

[2012-05-20 01:53:29] <jeebus_1> it looks like there was another in the same spot.

[2012-05-20 01:54:51] <jeebus_1> there were two at almost the exact same time? at two very different depths...

[2012-05-20 01:57:17] <jeebus_1> neat

[2012-05-20 01:58:27] <C1UCharon> Hm.

[2012-05-20 01:58:28] <jeebus_1> well, I'm cashing in for the night. Stay safe SIFT, Charon.

[2012-05-20 01:58:38] <i3> Night jeebus_1

[2012-05-20 01:59:01] <C1UCharon> Night, Jeeb.

[2012-05-20 01:59:13] -!- jeebus_1 [~Houseleve@] has left #sift

[2012-05-20 01:59:53] <C1UCharon> For my SA here, what's the progress on those last two EN transmissions?

[2012-05-20 02:00:15] <C1UCharon> We got the one before this one, right? So just the one

[2012-05-20 02:01:02] <Sorgens> We're missing the one from T40, I think

[2012-05-20 02:01:14] <C1UCharon> Roger that

[2012-05-20 02:04:12] <i3> I realized in my haste, I'd forgotten it would skip characters

[2012-05-20 02:04:24] <i3> so it now shifts up, down, left and right

[2012-05-20 02:04:33] <i3> and labels each category for you

[2012-05-20 02:04:36] <i3> I'll reupload

[2012-05-20 02:06:16] <i3>

[2012-05-20 02:08:05] <i3> I am so glad you questioned me on how that worked, Charon. We just saved a whole lot of trouble for our translators by me catching that now

[2012-05-20 02:08:39] <C1UCharon> Damn, didn't mean to help so much but I'm glad I did

[2012-05-20 02:11:11] <anon> quiet night

[2012-05-20 02:11:21] <Sorgens> and kinda slow

[2012-05-20 02:11:44] <C1UCharon> Let's be thankful for that bit. World doesn't end on Sunday thanks to you cats.

[2012-05-20 02:12:08] <Maya2> we are sift, hear us roar!

[2012-05-20 02:12:19] <C1UCharon> Hell yeah

[2012-05-20 02:13:14] <anon> oohrah

[2012-05-20 02:14:07] <anon> my daughters at my sister and my husbands sleeping and im sitting here with a beer. if it wasnt for you guys being here i would feel like a loser :]

[2012-05-20 02:14:47] <C1UCharon> Gettin' a refill, myself.

[2012-05-20 02:15:04] <anon> yay beer

[2012-05-20 02:16:54] <i3> So I don't know what this last en intel was, but Uehara's name isn't in any of the possibilities

[2012-05-20 02:17:13] <i3> I tossed that link on the docs and the wiki

[2012-05-20 02:17:15] -!- Kelgand|AFK is now known as Kelgand

[2012-05-20 02:17:47] <i3> if anyone sees vriska before I do, let her know?

[2012-05-20 02:18:15] <C1UCharon> Wilco, brother.

[2012-05-20 02:18:20] <i3> Thanks

[2012-05-20 02:18:38] <anon>

[2012-05-20 02:19:55] <Maya2>

[2012-05-20 02:21:49] -!- nekosan [781c7a44@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[2012-05-20 02:22:39] <anon> lol

[2012-05-20 02:23:10] <Kelgand> Maya2: clearly that is what Charon has been doing, mhmm.

[2012-05-20 02:23:32] <Maya2> lmao! id say thats more me on my way to a drop, "oh god, is my hair ok?"

[2012-05-20 02:24:36] <anon> i will force you to listen to real music

[2012-05-20 02:25:08] <i3> Lol, what, as opposed to all the fake music flying around SIFT?

[2012-05-20 02:25:33] <Maya2> i think the only one whos posted music, was charon with his suggested soundtrack to his abduction vid lol

[2012-05-20 02:26:28] <C1UCharon> I swear it was awesome to listen to that and watch the vid

[2012-05-20 02:26:33] <anon> yes. thats what i mean lmao

[2012-05-20 02:26:41] <Maya2> lol

[2012-05-20 02:26:46] <i3> Haha, to be fair, it was funny

[2012-05-20 02:26:58] <C1UCharon> Puttin' one down for you cats. The work's not over, but it's been good so far.

[2012-05-20 02:27:11] <anon> its saturday night. go get high. relax weve done alot

[2012-05-20 02:27:24] <i3> Internet toast to SIFT and Charon?

[2012-05-20 02:27:40] <anon> yes

[2012-05-20 02:27:42] <Maya2> clink clink

[2012-05-20 02:27:47] <Sorgens> This is real music:

[2012-05-20 02:27:50] <C1UCharon> Sounds rad to me. Here's to y'all.

[2012-05-20 02:27:55] <anon> cheers comrades clink

[2012-05-20 02:28:26] <Maya2> gonna be sad when its over

[2012-05-20 02:28:45] <i3> Ha, yeah. I hear that

[2012-05-20 02:28:59] <Maya2> ill miss you guys!

[2012-05-20 02:28:59] <i3> I suspect we've still got quite a bit of work to do before that though.

[2012-05-20 02:29:17] <anon> we can always have sift reunions

[2012-05-20 02:29:26] <Maya2> anon, you have the best ideas

[2012-05-20 02:29:38] <anon> :D thanks

[2012-05-20 02:30:11] <C1UCharon> Many enemies before have been determined as our current.

[2012-05-20 02:30:54] <C1UCharon> Many before propelled by religious zeal, insanity at times. It takes a better sort to find that determination without illusion. That's the kind of person that overcomes.

[2012-05-20 02:31:17] <C1UCharon> You guys don't need to reunite as SIFT. You'll be SIFT until the day you're put under the Earth.

[2012-05-20 02:31:28] <anon> you will not know the true enemy until you seek the truth

[2012-05-20 02:31:39] <anon> aw thanks charon

[2012-05-20 02:32:17] <Maya2> i still wanna reunite ;)

[2012-05-20 02:32:36] <anon> :D

[2012-05-20 02:32:37] <C1UCharon> Good call, hah

[2012-05-20 02:32:43] <anon> weekend bbqs

[2012-05-20 02:32:43] <i3> Yeah. Thanks Charon. That's a sentiment I can get behind.

[2012-05-20 02:33:21] <C1UCharon> It's always been the few protecting the many, guys. There's around 15 of you that are active and productive. That's the most elite group I've ever even heard of.

[2012-05-20 02:33:58] <Sorgens> What always surprises me of the internet is that we're al complete strangers to each other, but manage to work together.

[2012-05-20 02:34:11] <i3> And, with some exceptions, really well

[2012-05-20 02:34:16] <Maya2> agreed, we dont even know eachothers names

[2012-05-20 02:34:30] <C1UCharon> Almost makes you foolish enough to hope society can do the same.

[2012-05-20 02:34:59] <i3> Almost.

[2012-05-20 02:35:03] <anon> soes sift stand for some idiots fighting terrorism?

[2012-05-20 02:35:03] <anon> does

[2012-05-20 02:35:13] <i3> haha.

[2012-05-20 02:35:16] <Maya2> no, smart idiots

[2012-05-20 02:35:17] <C1UCharon> Hah

[2012-05-20 02:35:18] <Maya2> thank you

[2012-05-20 02:35:22] <i3> that's fantastic

[2012-05-20 02:35:25] <C1UCharon> Special Integrated Field Team

[2012-05-20 15:48:14] -!- C1UCharon [] has joined #sift

[2012-05-20 15:48:24] <anon> good mornin!

[2012-05-20 15:48:28] -!- mode/#sift [+o C1UCharon] by ChanServ

[2012-05-20 15:48:28] <i3> Wow, early morning Charon

[2012-05-20 15:48:40] <anon> did we wake you?

[2012-05-20 15:49:02] -!- yanni4100 is now known as yanni4100-sleepi

[2012-05-20 15:49:23] <yanni4100-sleepi> Good night guys and good morning Charon ;)

[2012-05-20 15:49:37] <i3> Later yanni

[2012-05-20 15:49:42] <C1UCharon> Morning all.

[2012-05-20 15:49:49] <jeebus_> Morning.

[2012-05-20 15:51:28] <i3> Are you going to check out the eclipse?

[2012-05-20 15:51:30] -!- yanni4100-sleepi is now known as yanni-asleep

[2012-05-20 15:53:55] -!- stanley [~stanley@unaffiliated/stanley] has quit [Quit: i'll return soon]

[2012-05-20 15:54:41] <C1UCharon> Sure am. Got my solar glass and everything.

[2012-05-20 15:55:13] <anon> resord it

[2012-05-20 15:55:18] <anon> record

[2012-05-20 15:55:23] <C1UCharon> Sure thing.

[2012-05-20 15:57:57] -!- Maya21 [] has joined #sift

[2012-05-20 15:58:24] <Maya21> gr i hate my net sometimes

[2012-05-20 15:58:46] <i3> We sent someone off to the MI drop, he hasn't found anything yet, apparently

[2012-05-20 16:00:27] <Sorgens> back

[2012-05-20 16:00:34] <Sorgens> He went there twice

[2012-05-20 16:00:37] <Sorgens> Actually

[2012-05-20 16:00:43] <i3> wb Sorgens

[2012-05-20 16:01:15] <C1UCharon> Shot him a bit more info on the whole thing. Unless the drop was intercepted, it should still be there.

[2012-05-20 16:01:17] -!- Maya2 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 260 seconds]

[2012-05-20 16:01:52] <Maya21> he got there pretty fast

[2012-05-20 16:03:13] -!- nignog_ [5768002d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[2012-05-20 16:05:23] -!- nignog [5768002d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #sift

[2012-05-20 16:07:08] <Sorgens> I feel okay now

[2012-05-20 16:07:11] <FFLaguna|Korea> Guys. Type in your city here and see if you're in the zone for the ECLIPSE IN 20 MINUTES

[2012-05-20 16:07:36] <Sorgens> At least I didn't spend thousands bringing solar panels trying to record the eclipse, only to be screwed by the rain.

[2012-05-20 16:08:56] <i3> Well, I'm off to do some work, on again soon

[2012-05-20 16:09:02] -!- i3 is now known as i3-alsoOut

[2012-05-20 16:10:46] <Maya21> is better

[2012-05-20 16:14:02] <Sorgens> Good luck, I'm going to eat something.

[2012-05-20 16:14:09] -!- Sorgens [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]

[2012-05-20 16:14:10] <lemons__> next eclipse here, 2017

[2012-05-20 16:14:16] <yanni-asleep> Wtf..

[2012-05-20 16:14:49] <yanni-asleep> There's no bombing attack in germany right now, is there? Heard several loud bangs in the distance and now it sounds like the sky is vibrating.

[2012-05-20 16:15:36] <i3-alsoOut> Wierd... why would there be bombing. Nothing Visible?

[2012-05-20 16:16:03] <yanni-asleep> No nothing. It could be the bored 20 year olds doing fireworks and stuff.

[2012-05-20 16:16:29] <yanni-asleep> The "vibrating" sound stopped. But it was very weird. All windows were closed and I heard it like it was right by my ear.

[2012-05-20 16:16:41] <karma> crazy about the earthquake in Italy

[2012-05-20 16:17:43] <yanni-asleep> Well I'm trying to sleep again. more paranoid now. Good night..

[2012-05-20 16:17:44] -!- yanni-asleep [] has left #sift

[2012-05-20 16:17:50] <nignog> most of the destruction was in old old buildings

[2012-05-20 16:18:07] <karma> FFLaguna|Korea: the eclipse is visible in 20 minutes for you?

[2012-05-20 16:18:39] <C1UCharon> Shot him a bit more info on the whole thing. Unless the drop was intercepted, it should still be there.

[2012-05-20 16:19:11] <C1UCharon> Weird.

[2012-05-20 16:19:33] <C1UCharon> Moon's on its way out on my end.

[2012-05-20 16:19:34] <i3-alsoOut> Not the first time it's done that Charon. I was going to ask about it last night

[2012-05-20 16:20:01] <i3-alsoOut> But I thought it may just be a connection thing

[2012-05-20 16:20:02] <Maya21> wow its so pretty!

[2012-05-20 16:20:11] <C1UCharon> Maybe so

[2012-05-20 16:20:32] -!- EllieL [] has joined #sift

[2012-05-20 16:20:56] <Maya21> oh nooooo the clouds covered it

[2012-05-20 16:23:59] -!- docatron [] has quit [Ping timeout: 276 seconds]

[2012-05-20 16:24:05] <C1UCharon> It's cool, means you can look at it without the screen for a minute.

[2012-05-20 16:24:21] <Maya21> i cant see it where im at, im watching streams

[2012-05-20 16:27:32] <C1UCharon> Damn. Seen one before?

[2012-05-20 16:27:35] <karma> thx for the link maya

[2012-05-20 16:27:43] <Maya21> np karma

[2012-05-20 16:27:47] <karma> pretty shweet

[2012-05-20 16:27:49] <Maya21>

[2012-05-20 16:28:05] <Maya21> no i havent charon. but i did see haileys comet

[2012-05-20 19:37:45] <C1UCharon> You cats trying to brute force?

[2012-05-20 19:38:00] <lurker69> yes ffl, bruteforcing is slow as shit

[2012-05-20 19:38:20] <FFLaguna|Korea> Yeah, bruteforcing won't work. My super CPU can only do 800 tries per second

[2012-05-20 19:38:23] <C1UCharon> Unless you've got some pretty specific toys, it doesn't work in the timeframe you usually want. Rainbow tables speed the process, but I'm not sure you can RT a .RAR

[2012-05-20 19:38:31] <anon> so lots of excitment when i was gone?

[2012-05-20 19:38:32] <lurker69> c1u: offcourse we have 8 core computers now

[2012-05-20 19:38:39] <Sorgens> Some are brute forcing it, some are trying, some are just waiting for someone to say "got it!"

[2012-05-20 19:39:14] <C1UCharon> Even so, considering the length of your potential password and characters involved, it's probably not feasible. I'll assume you guys aren't excluding numbers, upppercase or special characters, right?

[2012-05-20 19:39:33] <lurker69> ffl, and it is possible that there are more than 5 letters (knowplace)

[2012-05-20 19:39:38] <C1UCharon> Then consider a possible 18 character long pass with all that?

[2012-05-20 19:40:07] <lurker69> C1U: you make some sense

[2012-05-20 19:40:55] <lurker69> FFLaguna|Korea: if u have nvidia video card you can installl CUDA drivers and use video card core to speed it up

[2012-05-20 19:41:20] <FFLaguna|Korea> That only gets 2000-3000 tries per second

[2012-05-20 19:41:33] <FFLaguna|Korea> Straight bruteforcing won't work in any reasonable timeframe

[2012-05-20 19:41:56] <FFLaguna|Korea> I sent it back to keep doing dictionary attacks on the file while I look at other avenues

[2012-05-20 19:42:26] <Sorgens> Are you using English dictionary words only?¡

[2012-05-20 19:44:44] <FFLaguna|Korea> What were the passwords to previous dead drops?

[2012-05-20 19:44:55] <lurker69> i made dictionary from our DOX

[2012-05-20 19:45:12] <lurker69> and replace every space with /n (new line)

[2012-05-20 19:45:24] <lurker69> every word must be in seperate line

[2012-05-20 19:45:28] <lurker69> and lowercase

[2012-05-20 19:45:54] <Maya21> love fireworks ^_^

[2012-05-20 19:45:54] <jeebus_> woo hoo! eclipse!

[2012-05-20 19:46:04] <lurker69> ffl: jebbuss USB had knowplace, last word from previous trans

[2012-05-20 19:46:05] <jeebus_> sorry, back.

[2012-05-20 19:46:36] <Sorgens> Jeebus' drop coords were given in T32, and the last word of that one was the pass.

[2012-05-20 19:47:06] <Sorgens> The last words from these drops' transmission were "PUSH THADUGH THE APNEAX"

[2012-05-20 19:47:26] <Sorgens> Assuming typo and x as Playfair filler, then "PUSH THROUGH THE APNEA"

[2012-05-20 19:47:37] <lurker69> it was last word in two transmissions, cali 1 had same one

[2012-05-20 19:47:59] <lurker69> sorg: and use lowercase

[2012-05-20 19:48:12] <Sorgens> Ohh, I didn't know that.

[2012-05-20 19:48:27] <Sorgens> Yes, both 29 and 32 ended with "KNOWPLACE"

[2012-05-20 19:48:28] <lurker69> yes case sensitive

[2012-05-20 19:49:12] <BanaNA> would the people involved in this know USA military personnel? or are they part of something different?

[2012-05-20 19:49:39] <Sorgens> Vid #2 from the YouTube account was filmed from an USMC Humvee

[2012-05-20 19:50:13] <BanaNA> so the eclips happned guess we stoped somebody form doing somthing...

[2012-05-20 19:50:40] <Sorgens> I guess that you can say it's not over yet.

[2012-05-20 19:50:49] <Sorgens> There's still daylight here.

[2012-05-20 19:52:11] <lurker69> and space can also be used as part of pass

[2012-05-20 19:55:34] <Sorgens> lurker

[2012-05-20 19:55:41] <Sorgens> did you use the names from the en comm?

[2012-05-20 19:57:07] <lurker69> i used all words from dox, but only one word at the time

[2012-05-20 19:57:15] <lurker69> so not

[2012-05-20 19:58:03] <lurker69> will try with list of names later, mi.rar is still going with lowercase now

[2012-05-20 19:58:14] <C1UCharon> What was the last key?

[2012-05-20 19:58:26] <lurker69> knowplace, lowercase

[2012-05-20 19:58:33] <C1UCharon> Hm.

[2012-05-20 19:58:45] <C1UCharon> Can't pull much from that, can we.

[2012-05-21 02:44:53] <C1UCharon> I've been doing some looking of my own on this thing.

[2012-05-21 02:45:19] -!- stanley [~stanley@unaffiliated/stanley] has joined #sift

[2012-05-21 02:45:20] <anon> yeah

[2012-05-21 02:45:36] <C1UCharon> The last transmission references Cheyne-Stokes, a song used earlier by Virgil to walk us on to...whatever the fuck it is that Virgil walks us on to. Creepy shit and sadness.

[2012-05-21 02:46:05] <i3> That's why the apnea line seemed familiar

[2012-05-21 02:46:09] <C1UCharon> Have we tried anything from that song?

[2012-05-21 02:48:09] <anon> good idea

[2012-05-21 02:48:24] <i3> god. Like I said. Kicking myself for not making the connection.

[2012-05-21 02:52:28] <anon> wht was the song called/

[2012-05-21 02:52:38] <i3> cheyne-stokes

[2012-05-21 02:52:42] <i3> by chelsea grin

[2012-05-21 02:53:11] <anon> thanks

[2012-05-21 02:54:01] <i3> Damn Charon. Good job on getting there faster than literally all of us.

[2012-05-21 02:55:09] <C1UCharon> Did it go through?

[2012-05-21 02:55:26] <i3> not yet, but the song leaves a lot of possibilities

[2012-05-21 06:23:40] <C1UCharon> Last I saw, the plan was to comb the Cheyne-Stokes song due to a reference in the last transmission.

[2012-05-21 06:24:17] <C1UCharon> Being that apnea is a part of Cheyne-Stokes respiration.

[2012-05-21 06:25:38] <nignog> yea, that's what I'm trying right now. I wanna build up a wordlist based on the song. I'm thinking the password gotta be some random phrase or sentence from the song

[2012-05-21 06:27:44] <C1UCharon> You know how to go about all that, yeah?

[2012-05-21 06:29:00] <nignog> Not the wordlist part. I need a tool to pick random sentences out, and the only tools I can find makes new sentence which isn't what i want

[2012-05-21 06:29:12] <nignog> and im too lazy to do it by hand

[2012-05-21 06:29:21] <begedele> Hi Charon I'm currently compiling a wordlist based on the song and Apnea-related phrases and words, to run through a program when I get home from work.

[2012-05-21 06:29:53] <C1UCharon> The thing with a wordlist is that it doesn't act quite like a bruteforcer (obviously). What I mean by that is this: You put the words in, it tries the words. It usually doesn't combine the words. There is such a thing as a combined dictionary attack , but I'm not sure even that would do the trick in the event of multiple lines being used together.

[2012-05-21 06:30:25] <begedele> I try to do the combinations by hand

[2012-05-21 06:31:06] <nignog> yea that's why we need to try sentences and phrases

[2012-05-21 06:31:18] <C1UCharon> Then we have to ask how you're doing the combinations. Are you picking an anchor-word/character and then cycling through everything in the list, or are you trying lines first?

[2012-05-21 06:32:03] <begedele> I try the complete line first and then I cycle through the combinations of the line

[2012-05-21 06:32:29] <begedele> and also i try different approaches on phrases like I'll or can't

[2012-05-21 06:32:34] <nignog> a line like this "why fight you'll just rue the day that you try to escape the conscience of the dead" could be. why fight, rue the day, try to escape, and a combination of them etc.

[2012-05-21 06:32:43] <C1UCharon> Makes sense. How many lines do you attempt at a time before moving to combinations within?

[2012-05-21 06:33:48] <begedele> Each line by itself

[2012-05-21 06:35:36] <begedele> apnea --> increased CO2 --> compensatory hyperventilation that is excessive --> decreased CO2 --> apnea --> increased CO2 --> compensatory hyperventilation (repetitive cycle).

[2012-05-21 06:35:49] <begedele> This made me think of "break through the apnea"

[2012-05-21 06:36:07] <begedele> maybe the passwords has something to do with the condition after the apnea

[2012-05-21 06:36:28] <C1UCharon> Beg, you're working the dictionary bit, yeah?

[2012-05-21 06:36:44] <begedele> yes

[2012-05-21 06:38:31] <C1UCharon> Alright, Nog, while he's working that (as it includes a few tangents) why don't you check the lines of the song? Add a line each time until you've been through the song by at least two lines at a time (it'd be pretty crazy to put more than that in as a password).

[2012-05-21 06:38:52] <C1UCharon> I'll check each word in each line. If he finishes before we do, his dictionary kicks.

[2012-05-21 06:39:15] <nignog> Im just about done with splitting sentences up

[2012-05-21 06:39:44] <nignog> will try in 2min

[2012-05-21 06:40:38] <C1UCharon> Roger that

[2012-05-21 06:41:11] <C1UCharon> Plopplop: What are you working?

[2012-05-21 06:41:31] <plopplop> hey!

[2012-05-21 06:41:43] <plopplop> nah its 10:40pm over here

[2012-05-21 06:41:50] <plopplop> whats up?

[2012-05-21 06:42:17] <plopplop> im watching the news, not sure how to proceed with umbra atm

[2012-05-21 06:42:47] <C1UCharon> Hit these cats up if you're looking to engage. I'm sure they'll point you in the right direction.

[2012-05-21 06:43:18] <plopplop> ok, will do C1UCharon, sorry for being a smart arse the other day

[2012-05-21 06:43:31] <nignog> yea, we could need one to make a txt with combined lines of sentences or paragraphs.

[2012-05-21 06:46:56] <plopplop> so I take it hte ROK is Rep. Of Korea and MI is Michigan? but we need passwords?

[2012-05-21 06:47:15] <begedele> aye

[2012-05-21 06:47:20] <plopplop> and were guessign by trial and error?

[2012-05-21 06:47:52] <C1UCharon> No apologies man, 'sall good.

[2012-05-21 06:47:53] <begedele> We're taking this as a hint: PUSH THROUGH THE APNEA

[2012-05-21 06:48:15] <begedele> Which ade us remember trans #29 with the song about the Cheyne-strokes respiration

[2012-05-21 06:48:20] <begedele> *made

[2012-05-21 06:48:22] <plopplop> stay awake?

[2012-05-21 06:48:43] <plopplop> im gonna go a nd refesh myself on the doc

[2012-05-21 06:49:53] <nignog> Okay, I've just tried this , with both upper and lower case combinations

[2012-05-21 06:49:57] <nignog> no luck

[2012-05-21 06:52:24] <C1UCharon> Don't think that's the song, is it?

[2012-05-21 06:53:47] <begedele>

[2012-05-21 06:53:53] <begedele> tried this but no luck

[2012-05-21 06:55:44] <C1UCharon> <--- This is the song referencing Cheyne-Stokes respiration

[2012-05-21 06:56:04] <C1UCharon> That last one's referencing some violent rape.

[2012-05-21 06:58:36] <plopplop> is there a limit to characters in RAR passwords?

[2012-05-21 06:59:03] <plopplop> is punctuation allowed?

[2012-05-21 06:59:07] <C1UCharon> not sure, right off. That'd be something to know, though.

[2012-05-21 06:59:09] <begedele> What is the maximum password length that can be entered? The maximum password length is 127 characters. Longer passwords will be truncated.

[2012-05-21 06:59:13] <C1UCharon> I think special characters are allowed, right?

[2012-05-21 06:59:17] <begedele> yes

[2012-05-21 06:59:24] <plopplop> thanks guys

[2012-05-21 06:59:25] <begedele> all unicode chars should be good

[2012-05-21 06:59:28] <C1UCharon> That's alot of characters.

[2012-05-21 06:59:38] <begedele> that's why i left them out

[2012-05-21 06:59:46] <begedele> I hope there are none in the password

[2012-05-21 07:03:34] <nignog> I expanded begedels wordlist, but that didn't help.

[2012-05-21 07:03:56] <nignog> gonna try multiple lines now

[2012-05-21 07:05:25] <C1UCharon> Nothing so far with individual words. Have you switched to that other song yet, nog?

[2012-05-21 07:05:44] <plopplop> this article mentions push through, multiple time in the same sentence

[2012-05-21 07:06:25] <nignog> yea, edited begedeles wordlist

[2012-05-21 07:08:10] <C1UCharon> Did that help at all?

[2012-05-21 07:08:41] <nignog> nope

[2012-05-21 07:09:13] <C1UCharon> Might be interpreting each individual word. Do spaces count as characters?

[2012-05-21 07:09:55] <begedele> normally in a dictionary attack each line is interpreted as a password

[2012-05-21 07:11:36] -!- lemons_ [4450adce@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #sift

[2012-05-21 07:11:43] <lemons_> back, any news?

[2012-05-21 07:11:56] <C1UCharon> What's the link to that dictionary again?

[2012-05-21 07:13:32] <begedele> this is my current wordlist

[2012-05-21 07:14:18] <lemons_> holy shit, who got kidnapped?

[2012-05-21 07:15:23] <C1UCharon> "Kidnapped" sounds so illegal.

[2012-05-21 07:16:37] <lemons_> um, grabbed?

[2012-05-21 07:17:01] <lemons_> oh, hey Charon!

[2012-05-21 07:17:09] <C1UCharon> Heya.

[2012-05-21 07:18:07] <C1UCharon> Hey Beg, do those spaces count as characters to the password system? Part two: We should try putting multiple lines together as well, if none of the lines themselves have produced any result.

[2012-05-21 07:18:18] <lemons_> was that you in the video? i am still trying to figure out this whole thing.

[2012-05-21 07:18:23] <begedele> yes spaces count as characters

[2012-05-21 07:18:32] <begedele> I could try to remove all the spaces

[2012-05-21 07:19:51] <plopplop> hey are we trying to get the password in the extraction of the actual .rar folder, or each file insdie the .rar folder?

[2012-05-21 07:22:19] <FFLaguna|Korea> We really need a wordlist combiner/permutator...

[2012-05-21 07:22:23] <begedele> afaik it doesn't matter?

[2012-05-21 07:22:32] <begedele> password should be one for all the files

[2012-05-21 07:23:07] <plopplop> really? ok becasue I can click on the specific fiels inside the rar as well trying to extraxct the whole thing

[2012-05-21 07:23:50] <plopplop> makes sense its the whole rar though.

[2012-05-21 07:24:55] <FFLaguna|Korea> Hey guys, here's my 6800-word "Umbra Wiki Spider Wordlist"

[2012-05-21 07:25:17] <FFLaguna|Korea> I made it by using a web spider to save every relevant wiki page from the Umbra Wiki, then took all the words and put them into a word list

[2012-05-21 07:25:51] <FFLaguna|Korea> Which means it includes all transmissions and all discussions about possible meanings that are on the wiki

[2012-05-21 07:26:01] <begedele> nice.

[2012-05-21 07:26:03] <FFLaguna|Korea> It does not include the song wordlist, of course.

[2012-05-21 07:26:07] <begedele> tried that on the rar files already?

[2012-05-21 07:26:21] <FFLaguna|Korea> And it doesn't include other common words in the ENglish language that are NOT on the Wiki in some form or another

[2012-05-21 07:26:22] <FFLaguna|Korea> Yes

[2012-05-21 07:26:30] <FFLaguna|Korea> None of those singular words works (in lowercase)

[2012-05-21 07:29:04] <plopplop> geez, FFLaguna, nice work

[2012-05-21 07:29:38] <FFLaguna|Korea> "fappendix"

[2012-05-21 07:29:44] <FFLaguna|Korea> I have no idea why that word is on there.....

[2012-05-21 07:31:52] <plopplop> I havent had my fappendix taken out yet

[2012-05-21 07:32:48] <C1UCharon> took out spaces for the cheyne-stokes song, single line and added combined lines, left variations of words and lines intact

[2012-05-21 07:32:57] <C1UCharon> Removed special characters just in case

[2012-05-21 07:33:53] <nignog> alright boys and girls, nignog here just cracked the Michigan rar rile!

[2012-05-21 07:34:28] <begedele> nice one nig

[2012-05-21 07:34:55] <begedele> so what's the key

[2012-05-21 07:35:08] <nignog> andiwillscourgeyouwithnoremorse

[2012-05-21 07:36:13] <plopplop> shithot stuff nignog, where did those words come from?

[2012-05-21 07:37:45] <nignog> and the korea one is cracked now too

[2012-05-21 07:37:47] <nignog> Everything is at its Acme: especially the art of making one's way in the world. There is more required nowadays to make a single wise man than formerly to make Seven Sages, and more is needed nowadays to deal with a single person than was required with a whole people in former times.

[2012-05-21 07:37:57] <nignog> thiswillbeyourbleakdissolutioniwillridtheworldofyourfilth

[2012-05-21 07:39:16] <nekosan> sweet! :)

[2012-05-21 07:39:59] <C1UCharon> Now we're talkin'. What have we?

[2012-05-21 07:40:03] <begedele> Maybe we have to 'translate' these texts with the wordlists in MI.docx & ROK.docx

[2012-05-21 07:40:52] <nignog> code tables for transmissions, and some literature

[2012-05-21 07:41:55] <nignog> the text are from here

[2012-05-21 07:42:06] <nignog> i Everything is at its Acme;

[2012-05-21 07:42:11] -!- yanni4100_ [] has joined #sift

[2012-05-21 07:42:14] <nignog> and xxi The Art of being Lucky.

[2012-05-21 07:43:54] -!- yanni4100 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]

[2012-05-21 07:43:54] -!- yanni4100_ is now known as yanni4100

[2012-05-21 07:47:47] -!- lemons_ [4450adce@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[2012-05-21 07:47:50] <begedele> the other drops should have the missing other parts of the code table

[2012-05-21 07:50:26] <nignog> so who wanna add it to the the doc or wiki, Im gonna take a break now.

[2012-05-21 07:51:19] <begedele> I'll add the passwords to the wiki

[2012-05-21 07:53:50] <C1UCharon> By-the-by: SIFT could use a bulletin board of some sort. Cross communication has been a bit rough.

[2012-05-21 15:37:43] -!- C1UCharon [] has joined #sift

[2012-05-21 15:37:51] <i3> I don't know, marylamb, are you pissed?

[2012-05-21 15:37:53] -!- mode/#sift [+o C1UCharon] by ChanServ

[2012-05-21 15:37:59] <i3> Hey Charon

[2012-05-21 15:38:09] <C1UCharon> Sup.

[2012-05-21 15:38:23] <Maya2> afternoon charon

[2012-05-21 15:38:34] <nignog> Evening Charon

[2012-05-21 15:38:35] <marylamb> hey=o

[2012-05-21 15:38:47] <marylamb> illus: i don't think so...twas fun

[2012-05-21 15:38:54] <C1UCharon> Maya, Ill. Nog. Lamb.

[2012-05-21 15:39:11] <marylamb> how goes?

[2012-05-21 15:39:11] <i3> I was just making a joke on who the drop was for, from interested there

[2012-05-21 15:39:50] <marylamb> illus: oh, i'm moving slow.

[2012-05-21 15:39:54] <C1UCharon> It still goes, that's a good sign.

[2012-05-21 15:40:03] <marylamb> although, i'm pretty sure it looked like i was scoring drugs

[2012-05-21 15:40:10] <Maya2> lmao

[2012-05-21 15:40:12] <i3> Haha

[2012-05-21 15:40:33] <marylamb> that umbraphile shit is crazy yo

[2012-05-21 15:40:41] <Maya2> huh?

[2012-05-21 15:40:49] <marylamb> joke?

[2012-05-21 15:41:08] <i3> So, Any news Charon?

[2012-05-21 15:41:10] <marylamb> or attempt at one

[2012-05-21 15:41:11] <Maya2> sorry i was gone for a bit :( didnt know if i missed somethin

[2012-05-21 15:41:51] <marylamb> ah...i meant it to sound like a brand of drugs

[2012-05-21 15:42:58] <Maya2> damnit anon lol

[2012-05-21 15:43:13] <Maya2> literally no one got it : / ima failure

[2012-05-21 15:43:25] <kluge> I'm eating ramen noodles for first time in a long time

[2012-05-21 15:43:28] <kluge> how are these tasting so good

[2012-05-21 15:43:31] <kluge> instant ramen I mean

[2012-05-21 15:43:38] <kluge> oh

[2012-05-21 15:43:40] <kluge> charon is here

[2012-05-21 15:43:42] <anon> ?

[2012-05-21 15:43:43] <kluge> shhhh klue

[2012-05-21 15:43:47] <kluge> shhhh kluge too

[2012-05-21 15:44:25] -!- c2penumbra [] has joined #sift

[2012-05-21 15:44:33] <Maya2> oh shiet

[2012-05-21 15:44:36] <C1UCharon> Waiting for anything from wets or intel regarding these next few drops. Might have to crawl under some ass and light some fire.

[2012-05-21 15:44:50] <anon> hello charon

[2012-05-21 15:45:02] <C1UCharon> Morning to you, anoon.

[2012-05-21 15:45:03] -!- nignog [5768002d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]

[2012-05-21 15:45:07] <C1UCharon> anon^

[2012-05-21 15:45:11] <i3> Ha. Do what you've got to do, Charon. Thanks to your help, we're just waiting on more now.

[2012-05-21 15:45:12] <Maya2> sounds like a dirty job charon

[2012-05-21 15:45:35] <C1UCharon> Someone's gotta poo it.

[2012-05-21 15:45:39] <C1UCharon> I'm so sorry.

[2012-05-21 15:45:41] <Maya2> LOL

[2012-05-21 15:46:21] <Maya2> i think charon just made a poop joke

[2012-05-21 15:46:28] <i3> That's... wow

[2012-05-21 15:46:35] <Maya2> u feelin ok?

[2012-05-21 15:46:43] <Maya2> did that trip to titicaca mess with ur head?

[2012-05-21 15:48:14] <C1UCharon> Yeah. It was a strange experience.

[2012-05-21 15:48:48] <kluge> too much sake

[2012-05-21 15:49:14] <anon> not enough pussy

[2012-05-21 15:49:20] <C1UCharon> Nah, too little. 0649 in the morning.

[2012-05-21 15:49:23] <kluge> oh ok

[2012-05-21 15:49:26] <kluge> too little sake

[2012-05-21 15:49:31] <Maya2> or too little pussy

[2012-05-21 15:49:31] -!- marylamb [4ce68a5a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[2012-05-21 15:49:57] <kluge> jesus are your cycles synchronized all ready too

[2012-05-21 15:49:58] <kluge> lol

[2012-05-21 15:50:13] <kluge> I guess this has been going on for like 3 months now

[2012-05-21 15:50:22] <C1UCharon> Whaddaya mean, too little pussy? I just had a giant pussy weeping and bleeding in here three days ago

[2012-05-21 15:50:23] <anon> lol

[2012-05-21 15:50:32] <i3> heh.

[2012-05-21 15:50:48] <Maya2> i could make a horrible joke

[2012-05-21 15:51:01] <kluge> like double entendre

[2012-05-21 15:51:04] <C1UCharon> I've been making 'em all morning, give it a shot

[2012-05-21 15:51:18] -!- GuestUser17 [47c7af29@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]

[2012-05-21 15:51:18] <c2penumbra> C1UC: おはよう。

[2012-05-21 15:51:39] <i3> hmm. I wish my client could display whatever characters those were

[2012-05-21 15:51:39] <anon> rape isnt cool charon

[2012-05-21 15:51:48] <Maya2> not rape.....

[2012-05-21 15:51:54] <Maya2> rag

[2012-05-21 15:52:03] <anon> either way

[2012-05-21 15:52:10] <kluge> arg*

[2012-05-21 15:52:14] <Maya2> no, rag

[2012-05-21 15:52:16] <kluge> fixed that

[2012-05-21 15:52:19] * kluge sighs

[2012-05-21 15:52:33] <C1UCharon> c2penumbra: Ohayo. Ikaga desuka?

[2012-05-21 15:52:56] <kluge> oh some japanese I actually understand so far

[2012-05-21 15:53:35] <c2penumbra> それは良いされている

[2012-05-21 15:54:02] <C1UCharon> My use of the language is somewhat limited, not quite as convserational in it as I was in Pashto or what arabic I learned in Iraq.

[2012-05-21 15:54:19] <C1UCharon> Gotta be straight with you, Pen. If I read that stuff, it's usually on accident.

[2012-05-21 15:54:39] <Maya2> he said its good

[2012-05-21 15:55:21] <interested> Has anyone figured out who is sending the transmissions in the first place?

[2012-05-21 15:55:30] <Maya2> virgil

[2012-05-21 15:56:00] <C1UCharon> Make sure you check the logs sometime if you're just getting here. They'll answer many of your questions.

[2012-05-21 15:56:12] <interested> I must have missed that part

[2012-05-21 15:56:14] <i3>

[2012-05-21 15:56:35] <i3> hit charon logs on the front page for stuff we've got from this guy ^

[2012-05-21 15:56:53] <Maya2> and lots of terrible butt jokes

[2012-05-21 15:57:15] <i3> I just want to know who's added it is butts first to the front page of the wiki 3 time today

[2012-05-21 15:57:21] <i3> that seems a few too many

[2012-05-21 15:57:46] <Maya2> lol that is kinda funny

[2012-05-21 15:57:53] <anon> awesome butt jokes maya2

[2012-05-21 15:57:57] <kluge> virgil

[2012-05-21 15:58:00] <kluge> our lorrrd and master

[2012-05-21 15:58:01] <C1UCharon> Somebody's trying to show their loyalty to the team. And butts.

[2012-05-21 15:58:11] <kluge> butts too, yes

[2012-05-21 15:58:21] <c2penumbra> Ok: here is a joke I know

[2012-05-21 15:58:39] <i3> Man, I get that, once. But when the header of every topic is replaced with butts, it gets hard to navigate the frontpage

[2012-05-21 15:58:48] <anon> i added it this morning, once

[2012-05-21 15:58:51] <c2penumbra> There is an old bull and a young bull standing on top of a hill

[2012-05-21 15:58:53] <i3> Haha, anon

[2012-05-21 15:58:56] <kluge> lol someone replaced them all? yeah that's annoying

[2012-05-21 15:59:03] <i3> Then you weren't alone

[2012-05-21 15:59:08] <C1UCharon> I wanted to slap whoever was pouring that coffee

[2012-05-21 15:59:12] <Maya2> lmao

[2012-05-21 15:59:16] <C1UCharon> It's obviously too much damn coffee

[2012-05-21 15:59:23] <anon> i just did it the once on the rss feed

[2012-05-21 15:59:23] <Maya2> but charon thats what the devil does

[2012-05-21 15:59:34] <kluge> and this is what the devil does

[2012-05-21 15:59:37] <kluge> and this is what the devil does

[2012-05-21 15:59:47] <Maya2> i stopped watching after the coffee

[2012-05-21 15:59:59] <c2penumbra> The young bull say to the old bull" let's run down the hill hand fuck some of those cows.

[2012-05-21 16:00:17] -!- lurker69 [~chatzilla@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]

[2012-05-21 16:00:20] <Maya2> c2pen... are you calling me fat?

[2012-05-21 16:00:31] <anon> lol tht was a good one

[2012-05-21 16:00:33] <C1UCharon> Damn

[2012-05-21 16:00:37] <c2penumbra> The old bull turns to the young bull and say" We can walk down the hill and fuck all of them.

[2012-05-21 16:00:40] <C1UCharon> You won't hit him

[2012-05-21 16:01:21] <Maya2> you type slow :(

[2012-05-21 16:01:37] <c2penumbra> so, not funny. ok

[2012-05-21 16:01:43] <C1UCharon> Oh damn

[2012-05-21 16:01:51] <Maya2> oh that was the punch line

[2012-05-21 16:01:52] <kluge> I thought it was pretty good

[2012-05-21 16:01:53] <C1UCharon> We were just waiting for a punchline, man

[2012-05-21 16:01:58] <interested> Hey Charon, aren't the people who are supposed to get the drops pissed that we got to the drops first?

[2012-05-21 16:02:07] <kluge> but it seems more a parable or something

[2012-05-21 16:02:11] <kluge> the parable of old and young bull

[2012-05-21 16:02:15] <Maya2> interested the drops are meant for us

[2012-05-21 16:02:16] <kluge> and cow fucking

[2012-05-21 16:02:22] <interested> oh now I get it

[2012-05-21 16:02:25] <C1UCharon> I'd imagine they weren't thrilled.

[2012-05-21 16:02:26] <interested> fuck me

[2012-05-21 16:02:33] <C1UCharon> Especially since I took their umbrella.

[2012-05-21 16:02:33] <Maya2> u calling me a cow?

[2012-05-21 16:02:39] <kluge> haha

[2012-05-21 16:03:00] <Maya2> at first we werent sure if they were for us or not

[2012-05-21 16:03:01] <kluge> record a video of you showing off the umbrella

[2012-05-21 16:03:04] <kluge> just for taunts

[2012-05-21 16:03:09] <Maya2> ^

[2012-05-21 16:03:12] <i3> interested, are you talking about the en drop in okinawa, or the others

[2012-05-21 16:03:13] <i3> ?

[2012-05-21 16:03:21] <Maya2> hes reading the docs

[2012-05-21 16:03:23] <Maya2> er wiki

[2012-05-21 16:03:26] <interested> the others in SK and MI

[2012-05-21 16:03:33] <Maya2> o those were for us

[2012-05-21 16:03:36] <i3> Those were for us

[2012-05-21 16:03:46] <interested> yeah, there is a lot of crap to read

[2012-05-21 16:03:51] <i3> If you SIFT reading in the docs, that's us

[2012-05-21 16:03:51] -!- nignog [5768002d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #sift

[2012-05-21 16:03:53] <interested> still going through it all

[2012-05-21 16:04:05] <i3> Yeah, there's a tonne to catch up up

[2012-05-21 16:04:06] <interested> oh ok, that explains things a bit

[2012-05-21 16:04:08] <Maya2> yep were SIFT

[2012-05-21 16:04:22] <i3> We're happy to help you along though if you get lost

[2012-05-21 16:04:28] <interested> thanks

[2012-05-21 16:05:17] <i3> Any idea of where we're looking at the next drops to be, Charon, or was that who you were going to have to apply fire to ass for?

[2012-05-21 16:05:42] <C1UCharon> Yeah, that's what fire's meeting ass about.

[2012-05-21 16:06:00] <C1UCharon> Let me get a solid on locations and I'll relay them to you immediately.

[2012-05-21 16:06:08] <Maya2> thank you kindly

[2012-05-21 16:06:13] <i3> Thanks

[2012-05-21 16:06:15] <C1UCharon> Not at all, not at all.

[2012-05-21 16:06:34] <Maya2> at least we dont need to light a fire under ur ass

[2012-05-21 16:06:44] <C1UCharon> My ass is always on fire.

[2012-05-21 16:06:51] <C1UCharon> Man, I'm on a fuckin' ROLL this morning.

[2012-05-21 16:06:52] <Maya2> should get that checked out XD

[2012-05-21 16:07:00] <i3> Yeah...

[2012-05-21 16:07:02] <anon> bazing

[2012-05-21 16:07:03] <i3> that sounds bad

[2012-05-21 16:07:11] <Maya2> ur just zingin urself today

[2012-05-21 16:07:15] <c2penumbra> hi C1UC: did you see the eclipse lunar yesterday?

[2012-05-21 16:07:29] <c2penumbra> sorry solar

[2012-05-21 16:07:52] <C1UCharon> Sure did, Pen.

[2012-05-21 16:08:20] <c2penumbra> lookes like a big red asshole in the air, right?! ha!

[2012-05-21 16:08:39] <Maya2> O_o

[2012-05-21 16:09:12] <anon> ha

[2012-05-21 16:09:30] <Maya2> c2p ive seen u in here before

[2012-05-21 16:09:42] -!- lurker69 [~chatzilla@] has joined #sift

[2012-05-21 16:09:49] <i3> He was on once or twice a week or more ago

[2012-05-21 16:10:35] <i3> I'd tell you exactly, but I wasn't logging then, and it was in #umbra

[2012-05-21 16:10:49] <Maya2> lol dont need specifics

[2012-05-21 16:12:02] <anon> ew

[2012-05-21 16:12:26] <Maya2> ?

[2012-05-21 16:15:20] <anon> red assholes

[2012-05-21 16:15:27] <kluge> air

[2012-05-21 16:15:42] <Maya2> u laughed at it!

[2012-05-21 16:15:58] <kluge> I got some cool photos of nonanthropogenic camera obscura yesterday evening

[2012-05-21 16:16:02] <kluge> like through the leaves and shit

[2012-05-21 16:16:06] <c2penumbra> did I say something bad? sorry.

[2012-05-21 16:16:11] <kluge> c2penumbra, nah

[2012-05-21 16:16:47] <i3> Haha, c2, it's fine

[2012-05-21 16:19:11] <c2penumbra> ok good. I'm drinking wine in america

[2012-05-21 16:19:57] <Maya2> cool. im snortin a line in canada

[2012-05-21 16:21:45] <Maya2>

[2012-05-21 16:22:02] <kluge> I do kind of want to see an umbrella vid

[2012-05-21 16:22:12] <kluge> just a fluorish of it maybe in one of the other vids

[2012-05-21 16:22:18] <kluge> a small f-u to aleph

[2012-05-21 16:22:48] <Maya2> i was joking about doing a line btw

[2012-05-21 16:23:00] <kluge> nobody was shocked though

[2012-05-21 16:23:00] <C1UCharon> That was amazing.

[2012-05-21 16:23:06] <Maya2> lol!

[2012-05-21 16:23:11] -!- anon_ [47d91d51@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #sift

[2012-05-21 16:23:22] <c2penumbra> she was too slow!!

[2012-05-21 16:23:48] -!- anon [47d91d51@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]

[2012-05-21 16:54:00] -!- C1UCharon_ is now known as C1UCharon

[2012-05-21 16:54:08] -!- mode/#sift [+o C1UCharon] by ChanServ

[2012-05-21 16:54:58] <c2penumbra> Maya: yes: i can shoot guns and now I have a dog. he is a sheperd

[2012-05-21 16:55:09] -!- docatron [] has joined #sift

[2012-05-21 16:55:10] <Maya2> haha nice, what kind

[2012-05-21 16:55:28] <c2penumbra> he's black

[2012-05-21 16:55:49] <Maya2> lol

[2012-05-21 16:55:58] <kluge> wb charon

[2012-05-21 16:56:53] -!- c2penumbra [] has quit [Quit: irc2go]

[2012-05-21 16:56:59] <C1UCharon> Thanks.

[2012-05-21 16:57:13] <i3> Haha, kluge, is that your programming music?

[2012-05-21 16:57:14] -!- c2penumbra [] has joined #sift

[2012-05-21 16:57:26] <C1UCharon> Dogs and guns, eh? Pen trying to step up his game?

[2012-05-21 16:57:26] <kluge> no

[2012-05-21 16:57:35] <kluge> that was just a song I was reminded of

[2012-05-21 16:57:36] <Maya2> better than a red anus in the sky

[2012-05-21 16:57:53] <c2penumbra> oh what?

[2012-05-21 16:57:59] <kluge> someone mentioned 'our virgil' or something and then that made me think 'OUR LORD AND MASTER' and then I started remembering all kinds of thrill kill kult songs

[2012-05-21 16:58:13] <i3> I see

[2012-05-21 16:58:48] <kluge> I live in a perpetuating sea of free association apparently

[2012-05-21 16:58:53] <c2penumbra> his name is "chief"

[2012-05-21 16:59:06] <kluge> chief is a good name for a dog

[2012-05-21 16:59:12] <i3> Haha, nice.

[2012-05-21 16:59:15] <kluge> kind of hard to call though

[2012-05-21 17:02:16] <c2penumbra> Here is a picture of my chief"

[2012-05-21 17:03:13] <anon> hes darling

[2012-05-21 17:04:59] <kluge> nice dog

[2012-05-21 17:05:36] <c2penumbra> he is a very good dog. almost magnetic to my knee!

[2012-05-21 17:09:08] <c2penumbra> Now he heard me say "insho"! he loves to eat!

[2012-05-21 17:09:35] -!- yanni4100 is now known as yanni-sleeping

[2012-05-21 17:12:00] -!- jessie [] has quit [Ping timeout: 244 seconds]

[2012-05-21 17:13:29] <kluge> whoa hrm

[2012-05-21 17:13:38] <kluge> maybe there's a lot of overlap with symbols

[2012-05-21 17:13:48] -!- Vriska|AFK [47d91b9a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]

[2012-05-21 17:13:53] <kluge> no nm

[2012-05-21 17:16:57] <i3> So, c2, what happened to all that SME stuff of last time you joined us here?

[2012-05-21 17:17:34] <i3> you know, this stuff

[2012-05-21 17:18:29] <anon> whoa

[2012-05-21 17:19:12] <jeebus_> yeah I remember all that.

[2012-05-21 17:19:26] <i3> That's obviously just some excerpts

[2012-05-21 17:19:27] <c2penumbra> Ding ding ding...

[2012-05-21 17:19:38] <i3> Ip checks out as the same too, btw

[2012-05-21 17:20:09] <jeebus_> loooooong memories in here....

[2012-05-21 17:20:32] <jeebus_> so what's the deal?

[2012-05-21 17:20:46] <kluge> yes, what IS the deal sir

[2012-05-21 17:20:52] <kluge> now I'm curious

[2012-05-21 17:21:13] <c2penumbra> curiosity

[2012-05-21 17:21:36] <C1UCharon> Ooh, blood and misery.

[2012-05-21 17:22:04] <c2penumbra> hey you, tell me about that

[2012-05-21 17:22:25] <C1UCharon> Which? Blood or misery?

[2012-05-21 17:22:59] <c2penumbra> well, those. plurally

[2012-05-21 17:23:00] <kluge> wow, there are at least 2000 duplicate symbols, interesting

[2012-05-21 17:24:59] <C1UCharon> Pretty vague topic. Anything you're looking to know in specific?

[2012-05-21 17:26:58] <C1UCharon> C2, don't go all quiet on me, man. We were talking about paying for things in blood and misery.

[2012-05-21 17:27:05] <kluge> yeah what was that all about, c2penumbra

[2012-05-21 17:27:27] <c2penumbra> hey soldier, what do you put in your weapon when you need it to go boom? LCP? DDF? GRT?

[2012-05-21 17:27:37] <anon> want to see my puppy?

[2012-05-21 17:27:46] <anon> lol oh wait youre all boys

[2012-05-21 17:28:05] <C1UCharon> CLP, you mean? You only really apply that once in awhile, makes the dirt stick to the inside of the weapon.

[2012-05-21 17:29:05] <C1UCharon> If you're condition three and exercising good cover discipline, you'll be fine with a good coat of the stuff. If you end up condition one, a good rag helps prevent sand/dirt/particulates getting all up in there.

[2012-05-21 17:29:39] <Maya2> i do anon

[2012-05-21 17:29:40] <C1UCharon> Condition 4, take that same rag and stuff it in the mag well.

[2012-05-21 17:29:49] <anon>

[2012-05-21 17:29:57] <kluge> odd question here, but just an many acronyms do you think you know just for your job?

[2012-05-21 17:30:18] <kluge> or abbreviations

[2012-05-21 17:30:19] <kluge> both

[2012-05-21 17:30:22] <C1UCharon> Too many. TOO many. Any new guy will tell you the process is insane.

[2012-05-21 17:30:35] <kluge> sounds painful yeah, like learning a new language almost

[2012-05-21 17:30:43] <C1UCharon> And there's a million variants on some of them

[2012-05-21 17:30:43] <kluge> one you hope you can pronounce occasionally

[2012-05-21 17:30:45] <C1UCharon> DRAW

[2012-05-21 17:30:47] <C1UCharon> DRAW-D

[2012-05-21 17:30:51] <C1UCharon> DRAW-DGS

[2012-05-21 17:30:55] <C1UCharon> DRAW-DGSH

[2012-05-21 17:30:58] <kluge> haha

[2012-05-21 17:31:00] <Maya2> thats not a puppy! but very adorable :)

[2012-05-21 17:31:45] <C1UCharon> C2, you still around man?

[2012-05-21 17:32:05] <c2penumbra> Yeah, I'm here.

[2012-05-21 17:32:07] <anon> lol shes my puppy

[2012-05-21 17:32:24] <C1UCharon> We were talking about blood and misery and CLP

[2012-05-21 17:32:34] <anon> lol

[2012-05-21 17:32:50] <Maya2> haha shes so cute

[2012-05-21 17:33:53] <c2penumbra> You must have put so much work into this. This is my only mystery here.

[2012-05-21 17:33:56] <c2penumbra> why?

[2012-05-21 17:34:43] <C1UCharon> This is what I do, c2. I plot the injury of bad guys. If you'd like to know why it's so visible, hop on over to the log, and have a good read.

[2012-05-21 17:35:02] <C1UCharon> If you're still interested, stick around. If you'd like to know more about weapon lubricant, ask away.

[2012-05-21 17:35:46] <C1UCharon> If you want to practice your reloads sometime, we can do that. I'll pop the ol' helmet cam on and race you or something. If you even have a weapon, that is: You misspelled CLP, didn't mention LSA

[2012-05-21 17:35:46] <c2penumbra> yeah, how do you keep kroil from leaching our of every goddamned container you put it in. christ.

[2012-05-21 17:36:59] <C1UCharon> Hah. You don't, trick question. Quit using the shit, roll with a donkey dick.

[2012-05-21 17:37:46] <kluge> I don't think I know what cipher this is

[2012-05-21 17:38:02] <i3> I've got to go in a few, so sorry if I'm jumping in, but what's the deal with here's my dog act, just assumed no one in here would remember you, like you assumed last time that your theories were original?

[2012-05-21 17:38:35] <c2penumbra> C1

[2012-05-21 17:38:44] <C1UCharon> Yo.

[2012-05-21 17:38:52] <c2penumbra> I'm not here to start a pissing match with you

[2012-05-21 17:39:02] <C1UCharon> I'm not even pissing. 'sall good.

[2012-05-21 17:39:07] <C1UCharon> Like I said man, hang if you want to.

[2012-05-21 17:39:26] <kluge> donkey dick is a term for pipe cleaner? brush?

[2012-05-21 17:39:32] <kluge> just guessing

[2012-05-21 17:39:50] <c2penumbra> or just a donkey dick

[2012-05-21 17:39:50] <jeebus_> we're a pretty mellow group, all things considered.

[2012-05-21 17:39:57] <C1UCharon> It's a brush connected to a reservoir for CLP. Hit the button, let gravity do its work, and scrub your weapon with it.

[2012-05-21 17:40:05] <kluge> ah cool

[2012-05-21 17:41:06] <C1UCharon> Speeds things up, but the newer guys don't really know how to use it. They end up slathering their weapon in the stuff. Places that don't even need it.

[2012-05-21 17:43:36] <i3> Right, well I'm out for a few. SIFT, Charon, see you soon

[2012-05-21 17:43:52] -!- You're now known as i3|out

[2012-05-21 17:43:54] <C1UCharon> Later, ill.

[2012-05-21 17:43:56] <jeebus_> rock on i3.

[2012-05-21 17:50:05] <c2penumbra> So,c1u, why Aum... they're not even really operational. This is curious to me.

[2012-05-21 17:50:17] <c2penumbra> (?)

[2012-05-21 17:50:18] <C1UCharon> You don't think so?

[2012-05-21 17:50:27] <c2penumbra> I don't.

[2012-05-21 17:50:31] <C1UCharon> Why's that?

[2012-05-21 17:51:20] <c2penumbra> (disappointedface)

[2012-05-21 17:51:45] <C1UCharon> Got to be a reason you consider them defunct.

[2012-05-21 17:52:05] <kluge>

[2012-05-21 17:52:14] <kluge> (unrelated)

[2012-05-21 17:52:36] <c2penumbra> kludge: unrelated thank-you

[2012-05-21 17:53:21] <c2penumbra> 1600 or so, maye... no leadership? granted, my knowledge of them is aging as fast as I am.

[2012-05-21 17:53:25] <kluge> unrelated np

[2012-05-21 17:55:20] <c2penumbra> like I said, c1, I'm only curious. Though my methods may seem malevolent, they're not.

[2012-05-21 17:56:11] <C1UCharon> No leadership? That's a bit naive. You're considering a group of 1600 people to be operating without any direction?

[2012-05-21 17:57:02] <C1UCharon> Additionally, we're talking about a group that still worships their former leader, with pictures of his face adorning their walls and his doctrine still ever-present in their modern teachings.

[2012-05-21 17:57:08] <c2penumbra> inspire trust through commonality; imply harmlesness; offer humanity

[2012-05-21 17:57:37] <c2penumbra> Question: does this sound familiar to you? .. if so, we should stop talking here

[2012-05-21 17:57:42] <C1UCharon> Takes leadership to do any of that. Even in a group of 10 people willingly participating in the same activity, a leader will emerge.

[2012-05-21 17:58:11] <C1UCharon> C'mon, man. I don't do vague. If we're gonna talk, let's talk.

[2012-05-21 17:58:31] <c2penumbra> what do you want to talk about?

[2012-05-21 17:59:11] <C1UCharon> You're talking about Aleph (present day incarnation of Aum) not being operational anymore. We can talk about that.

[2012-05-21 18:01:03] <c2penumbra> obviously you have implied that Aleph is a current and significant force.

[2012-05-21 18:01:30] -!- VriskaMobile [d036208e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #sift

[2012-05-21 18:01:44] <C1UCharon> Significant in that they've done pretty significant things with fairly small cells of people operating under a doctrine that hasn't changed much since the imprisonment of Shoko Asahara.

[2012-05-21 18:03:15] <C1UCharon> Only cult I know of that's ever received paratrooper training from Russian VDV. Certainly the only one with a KGB fanbase.

[2012-05-21 18:03:57] <C1UCharon> And they perpetrated the first known act of chemical terrorism the world had ever seen (this part varies with your personal spin on what constitutes chemical terrorism, but if we're going by the book).

[2012-05-21 18:04:07] <VriskaMobile> I just got home and the power is out. here by grace of android, except the app wasn't working, so I'm in the web browser. What'd I miss?

[2012-05-21 18:04:27] <c2penumbra> yes, but normally when we fuck up tangos we don't put out a youtube video about it.

[2012-05-21 18:04:29] -!- MrNoob [] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]

[2012-05-21 18:04:35] <kluge> VriskaMobile, C1UCharon and c2penumbra are just having a chat re aum/aleph

[2012-05-21 18:04:38] <c2penumbra> w-t-capital-

[2012-05-21 18:04:40] <c2penumbra> f

[2012-05-21 18:05:10] <VriskaMobile> apologies for my typos

[2012-05-21 18:06:43] -!- c2penumbra [] has quit [Quit: irc2go]

[2012-05-21 18:07:07] -!- c2penumbra [] has joined #sift

[2012-05-21 18:07:17] <c2penumbra> sorry, lost com

[2012-05-21 18:07:28] <c2penumbra> update?

[2012-05-21 18:07:31] <VriskaMobile> any word on new drops incoming?

[2012-05-21 18:08:02] <Maya2> not yet, waiting on tramsmission

[2012-05-21 18:08:09] <c2penumbra> brb shepherd poop

[2012-05-21 18:09:00] <VriskaMobile> opened all the windows and it's still so dark I'm tripping over things in here

[2012-05-21 18:09:11] <VriskaMobile> sometimes I hate Seattle weather

[2012-05-21 18:09:17] <C1UCharon> Don't even really call 'em tangos anymore

[2012-05-21 18:09:42] -!- nignog [5768002d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[2012-05-21 18:09:47] <c2penumbra> yeah i'm old.

[2012-05-21 18:10:03] <C1UCharon> And, you say we don't put up a youtube about it, but there's a motivational video regarding the deployment of just about every battalion that's set foot in country

[2012-05-21 18:10:50] <kluge> VriskaMobile, sounds fantastic

[2012-05-21 18:10:53] <C1UCharon> I wish we did, to be straight with you. If only to satisfy my Rainbow 6 vibe.

[2012-05-21 18:11:35] <anon> someones cting like grown up

[2012-05-21 18:11:42] <anon> acting

[2012-05-21 18:11:59] <anon> vrisk is it the rain?

[2012-05-21 18:13:05] <VriskaMobile> probably. Chinatown electricity is kind of iffy when it rains.

[2012-05-21 18:13:25] <anon> ah

[2012-05-21 18:13:37] <VriskaMobile> in the meantime I'm in the dark and the paramedics just came for one of my neighbors

[2012-05-21 18:13:47] <kluge> wuh oh

[2012-05-21 18:14:26] <VriskaMobile> my building is full of old people, this happens every time the power goes out

[2012-05-21 18:15:19] <anon> :[

[2012-05-21 18:16:26] -!- Maya2 [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]

[2012-05-21 18:16:48] <VriskaMobile> so is there an eta on the next trans?

[2012-05-21 18:18:37] -!- Sorgens [] has joined #sift

[2012-05-21 18:18:39] -!- Maya2 [] has joined #sift

[2012-05-21 18:19:05] <anon> hi sorgens

[2012-05-21 18:19:10] <anon> hi may

[2012-05-21 18:19:10] <Sorgens> Hello

[2012-05-21 18:19:14] <anon> maya

[2012-05-21 18:19:22] <Maya2> anon

[2012-05-21 18:19:55] <Maya2> ooo hi* sorry

[2012-05-21 18:20:09] <c2penumbra> so c1... I've seen some pretty interesting 'devices' before. what kind are you looking for?

[2012-05-21 18:20:43] <anon> :D

[2012-05-21 18:20:48] <C1UCharon> The kind that fuck up sleep. Or something.

[2012-05-21 18:21:24] <c2penumbra> so, you're looking for an ipad?

[2012-05-21 18:21:52] <C1UCharon> Yeah, man. Ipads are my primary focus.

[2012-05-21 18:22:03] <c2penumbra> netflix... will fuck your sleep up

[2012-05-21 18:22:33] <C1UCharon> Don't get that out this way.

[2012-05-21 18:22:40] <VriskaMobile> hey Sorgens, wb Maya

[2012-05-21 18:22:43] <C1UCharon> Without a VPN, that is.

[2012-05-21 18:24:24] <c2penumbra> i don't need a vpn.

[2012-05-21 18:24:44] <C1UCharon> Yeah, your location's probably a bit different from my own.

[2012-05-21 18:25:52] <c2penumbra> well, for one, I don't have a screming japanese dude in my basement.

[2012-05-21 18:26:03] <c2penumbra> anymore..

[2012-05-21 18:27:22] -!- VriskaMobile [d036208e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[2012-05-21 18:27:36] -!- Vriska [4ba50ab5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #sift

[2012-05-21 18:27:42] <Vriska> power'

[2012-05-21 18:27:47] <Vriska> s back, thank fuck

[2012-05-21 18:27:53] <C1UCharon> No basement on my end either. Plus, he's made his way elsewhere.

[2012-05-21 18:27:58] <C1UCharon> Should be a real safe cat for awhile.

[2012-05-21 18:28:57] <c2penumbra> the payoff for me would have been seeing the hit. unfortunate that we missed that in the film.

[2012-05-21 18:29:45] <c2penumbra> even if it was a few fingers underneath the jawbone

[2012-05-21 18:29:55] <C1UCharon> V to the throat

[2012-05-21 18:30:28] <C1UCharon> Preceded by a good, old fashioned softening blow. Schoolyard backhand to the balls.

[2012-05-21 18:30:45] <c2penumbra> there's more of a cns reflex if you focus on the nerves just elow the chin.

[2012-05-21 18:31:01] <c2penumbra> (below

[2012-05-21 18:32:34] <C1UCharon> Depends on the individual. Nerves can be deadened, reflexes vary. I like standard, all across the board reactions. Blunt force to the throat usually gets me that.

[2012-05-21 18:34:41] -!- MrNoob [] has joined #sift

[2012-05-21 18:34:47] <c2penumbra> i'm biased towards the neurology of pain and reflex. But I get you... sometimes you just gotta pick up something big and hit him with it.

[2012-05-21 18:36:02] <c2penumbra> ever have a Marine chop you on the shoulder? shit sucks.

[2012-05-21 18:36:15] <c2penumbra> it's llike they share notes or something.

[2012-05-21 18:36:21] <C1UCharon> They actually literally do

[2012-05-21 18:36:30] <c2penumbra> fuckers

[2012-05-21 18:36:41] <C1UCharon> There's around 200 some odd pressure points and nerve strikes they like, the Corps teaches them in passing

[2012-05-21 18:39:06] -!- lurker69 [~chatzilla@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]

[2012-05-21 18:39:35] <C1UCharon> But yeah, the ol' chest cam doesn't move with the head, so it's hard to pick up some of what happens

[2012-05-21 18:39:45] <C1UCharon> It's a bit more discrete, though. Looks tourist-y.

[2012-05-21 18:40:00] <c2penumbra> inferred

[2012-05-21 18:40:09] -!- lurker69 [~chatzilla@] has joined #sift

[2012-05-21 18:40:14] -!- Sorgens [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]

[2012-05-21 18:40:50] <c2penumbra> so what's the mystery. some assholes want to be assholes and some more assholes want to fuck them?

[2012-05-21 18:41:13] <c2penumbra> I don't get the secrecy. why not just document it openly.

[2012-05-21 18:41:21] <C1UCharon> Really just about as deep as this goes, for me. I stop in, check for intel. Grab an HVT or two.

[2012-05-21 18:41:32] <c2penumbra> it doesn't seem special or unique to me.

[2012-05-21 18:41:38] <C1UCharon> It's pretty open right now, far as I can see, the IRC's open, used to be invite only.

[2012-05-21 18:41:46] <C1UCharon> Anyone can access the logs, the wikia.

[2012-05-21 18:41:48] <c2penumbra> i guess

[2012-05-21 18:41:56] <c2penumbra> but why should they?

[2012-05-21 18:42:00] <c2penumbra> or would?

[2012-05-21 18:42:24] <C1UCharon> Can't tell you that. Try to keep in mind, I'm not advertising. I'm doing what I do, while Virgil broadcasts scary shit.

[2012-05-21 18:42:35] <C1UCharon> These guys bring people in as they see fit, or get rid of them.

[2012-05-21 18:42:58] <C1UCharon> I don't have the next great thing for sale. No home shopping network here.

[2012-05-21 18:43:03] <int1> Charon, may I ask what other types of assets you have available to you?

[2012-05-21 18:43:38] <c2penumbra> c1

[2012-05-21 18:43:50] <int1> oh sorry C1UCharon

[2012-05-21 18:43:51] <C1UCharon> Depends on what I need. I can pull just about whatever I really, truly need to make progress.

[2012-05-21 18:44:02] <int1> airstrike?

[2012-05-21 18:44:04] <c2penumbra> c1: anyone here, including myself, could be hostile to your objective

[2012-05-21 18:44:13] <c2penumbra> why share anything?

[2012-05-21 18:44:32] <C1UCharon> With proper civil considerations (which don't exist where I'm at right now. Airstrike + populous = no).

[2012-05-21 18:44:38] -!- Vriska [4ba50ab5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]

[2012-05-21 18:45:02] <C1UCharon> C2: Not my call to make. Part two: If anyone here's hostile to my objective, I'll see you soon, I guess.

[2012-05-21 18:45:09] <int1> What about specialized 'gagetry'?

[2012-05-21 18:45:20] <C1UCharon> To be honest, it's not much different from Afghan, right now. I do what I do, and everyone sees.

[2012-05-21 18:45:28] <C1UCharon> If there's a bomb in the road one day, I'd better be on my game.

[2012-05-21 18:45:30] <c2penumbra> c2: I can get you some pretty kinky hookers in Kyoto.

[2012-05-21 18:45:31] -!- Vriska [4ba50e2e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #sift

[2012-05-21 18:45:35] <c2penumbra> lol

[2012-05-21 18:46:00] <int1> So it's really still just gun in hand running around human intel based

[2012-05-21 18:46:25] <C1UCharon> int1: Nothing seriously interesting. Everything we have is existing technology, I could get ICOM scanners to grab enemy chatter, use sniffers on networks to intercept communications. Same shit just about anyone else with this sort of access could do.

[2012-05-21 18:47:01] <int1> :)

[2012-05-21 18:47:39] <kluge> so, is aleph wondering where their dood went and what happened to their drop

[2012-05-21 18:47:48] <int1> hehe

[2012-05-21 18:47:56] <C1UCharon> If you had the knowledge, you could do the same things. ICOMs are just broad range scanners. You can get them from radio shack.

[2012-05-21 18:48:16] <int1> no, i understand what they are...

[2012-05-21 18:48:22] <C1UCharon> More than likely. We haven't heard much more about Uehara, and I haven't gotten any intel regarding their actions. They're likely staying put.

[2012-05-21 18:48:42] <int1> so everything's been put on hold temporarily?

[2012-05-21 18:48:45] <kluge> did they think they were flying under the radar or something?

[2012-05-21 18:48:50] <kluge> prior to that

[2012-05-21 18:48:51] <int1> seems you were effective...

[2012-05-21 18:48:54] <c2penumbra> c1: that's the worst assumption i've ever made

[2012-05-21 18:49:12] <c2penumbra> "They're probably just hunkered down over there"

[2012-05-21 18:49:48] <C1UCharon> c2: From an intel perspective, it's probably what's going on. In reality, their after-actions likely include filming, photographing, following my ass and my buddies where ever we go.

[2012-05-21 18:50:17] <C1UCharon> Nothing overt, yet. Counterintel/surveillance should provide us with more than we've presently got.

[2012-05-21 18:52:08] <c2penumbra> In assuming that you're an NCS TO, that's exactly where you would want to put them.

[2012-05-21 18:52:59] <C1UCharon> I'd very much like for them to get impatient, right now.

[2012-05-21 18:54:26] <c2penumbra> I was in that situation once. I went out and got completely "hammered" on white soda and lime. They came to me.

[2012-05-21 18:57:26] <c2penumbra> but that was a different time.

[2012-05-21 18:59:21] <c2penumbra> fuck

[2012-05-21 18:59:30] <c2penumbra> I'm on a list now, aren't I?

[2012-05-21 18:59:48] <C1UCharon> Couldn't tell you that one.

[2012-05-21 19:00:21] <c2penumbra> it was a rhetorical question.

[2012-05-21 19:00:25] <lurker69> C1UCharon: wouldnt this operation UMBRA be compromised if aleph members found out about IRC and docs?

[2012-05-21 19:00:47] <lurker69> aum aleph cipher is showing us in google now

[2012-05-21 19:00:48] <c2penumbra> l69: You think they haven't?

[2012-05-21 19:01:03] <lurker69> that what i am asking?

[2012-05-21 19:01:18] <lurker69> could be interestind forr them

[2012-05-21 19:01:44] <kluge> maybe it's all a clever ruse to scare them out of hiding, or into action and then nab them all

[2012-05-21 19:02:01] <kluge> to make them get quick and sloppy

[2012-05-21 19:02:24] <lurker69> could be

[2012-05-21 19:02:31] <kluge> best arg ever

[2012-05-21 19:02:55] <Maya2> maybe they wanna be found

[2012-05-21 19:02:56] <c2penumbra> c1: to be honest... if aleph is your target, it shouldn't take very long.

[2012-05-21 19:03:04] <lurker69> it this their web page  ?

[2012-05-21 19:03:40] <kluge> c2penumbra, you don't think this is just an arg?

[2012-05-21 19:04:06] <C1UCharon> c2: No doubt, man.

[2012-05-21 19:04:28] <lurker69> all i see there is bunch of joga and chakra stuff and alot of serenity pictures

[2012-05-21 19:05:22] <C1UCharon> Doubt they'd show you grinning pictures of themselves while they mix up a nice batch of Sarin.

[2012-05-21 19:05:40] <c2penumbra> Like falun gong... with anime... ang VX

[2012-05-21 19:05:54] <c2penumbra> c1:hivemind

[2012-05-21 19:06:38] <C1UCharon> Stepping out for a bit. Contact in 6.

[2012-05-21 19:07:06] <lurker69> bye

[2012-05-21 19:07:18] <lurker69> visca

[2012-05-21 19:07:36] <lurker69> vrisca, tell us what that movie is about

[2012-05-21 19:07:44] <kluge> creepy shit

[2012-05-21 19:10:11] <lurker69> this looks like humanitarian organization page

[2012-05-21 19:10:49] <Vriska> The title of the video is "The Record of My Truth Practice: The Imperfect Me is Reborn into a Monastic"

[2012-05-21 19:11:05] <kluge> weird

[2012-05-21 19:11:20] <c2penumbra> this totally makes me want to join.

[2012-05-21 19:11:25] <lurker69> this are thei offices?

[2012-05-21 19:11:26] <Maya2> lol c2p

[2012-05-21 19:11:39] <lurker69> me to but cant fidn sign in form

[2012-05-21 19:11:43] <Vriska> Lurker, the humanitarian organization page is pleading with you not to commit suicide

[2012-05-21 19:12:02] <kluge> lol wha

[2012-05-21 19:12:06] -!- C1UCharon [] has quit [Ping timeout: 276 seconds]

[2012-05-22 01:10:19] -!- C1UCharon [] has joined #sift

[2012-05-22 01:10:38] -!- mode/#sift [+o C1UCharon] by ChanServ

[2012-05-22 01:11:32] <Kelgand> Welcome back, C.

[2012-05-22 01:11:44] <C1UCharon> Thanks, Kegs.

[2012-05-22 01:13:09] <C1UCharon> Anything new on your end?

[2012-05-22 01:13:10] <anon> hola charon how goes it

[2012-05-22 01:13:45] <Kelgand> My work prepared for the zombie apocalypse during the eclipse yesterday, but other than that, pretty routine.

[2012-05-22 01:13:49] <C1UCharon> It goes, it goes. Trying to get out there and get some attention.

[2012-05-22 01:13:49] <Kelgand> Yourself?

[2012-05-22 01:14:09] <anon> attention how so?

[2012-05-22 01:14:27] <C1UCharon> Make routes during daylight to draw reaction.

[2012-05-22 01:14:55] <Kelgand> Have there been any other hits from that list of names i3 came up with?

[2012-05-22 01:14:59] <C1UCharon> If the EN's watching, they might make a move that gives them away.

[2012-05-22 01:15:35] <anon> i see

[2012-05-22 01:15:48] <C1UCharon> I've got intel working those names now to figure out how they fit in currently. If they're couriers, we might snatch them up like this last one, but it'll probably be an expected move.

[2012-05-22 01:17:15] <anon> any new drop locations?

[2012-05-22 01:17:30] <C1UCharon> Yes and no. I'll be getting the final okay on that tonight, possible drop tomorrow.

[2012-05-22 01:17:59] <anon> rad

[2012-05-22 01:18:18] <anon> is your name brian?

[2012-05-22 01:20:42] <C1UCharon> Mine? No

[2012-05-22 01:20:54] <C1UCharon> That's the second time I've heard that, though

[2012-05-22 01:21:27] <Sorgens> How many more drops do you think there will be?

[2012-05-22 01:21:29] <anon> lol its from the video

[2012-05-22 01:24:40] <Kelgand> 2012-05-21T13:16:06 <i3> Who renamed the RSS feed for Spreaker on the wiki "It Is Butts First"  ?

[2012-05-22 01:24:43] <Kelgand> Good job guys!

[2012-05-22 01:25:20] <anon> lol that was me

[2012-05-22 01:25:30] <Kelgand> /clapclap

[2012-05-22 01:25:47] <anon> but i guess someone else went overboard

[2012-05-22 01:27:28] <C1UCharon> Video?

[2012-05-22 01:28:38] <Kelgand> 2012-05-21T13:56:05 <Maya2> charon's name is probly Englebert

[2012-05-22 01:29:12] <Kelgand> 2012-05-21T13:57:23 <Maya2> his name probly is brian and he accidentally said it when i called him

[2012-05-22 01:29:59] <Kelgand> So...that would be <-- that video, Maya's first call to you.

[2012-05-22 01:31:47] <Sorgens> the "brian out" or "alright out" discussion thingy.

[2012-05-22 01:32:13] -!- You're now known as i3

[2012-05-22 01:32:21] <i3> Evening, SIFT, Charon

[2012-05-22 01:32:22] <Kelgand> Welcome back, i3

[2012-05-22 01:32:27] <anon> hello ill

[2012-05-22 01:32:33] <C1UCharon> Haha

[2012-05-22 01:32:38] <C1UCharon> Welcome back, Ill

[2012-05-22 01:32:48] <i3> Thanks

[2012-05-22 01:32:51] <i3> Did I miss anything?

[2012-05-22 01:32:59] <Sorgens> Not really

[2012-05-22 01:33:08] <Sorgens> Slow afternoon/night

[2012-05-22 01:33:18] <i3> Cool, so nothing on the next drops yet

[2012-05-22 01:33:24] <C1UCharon> Well, my name's not Brian or Englebert

[2012-05-22 01:33:29] <Kelgand> [00:17] <@C1UCharon> Yes and no. I'll be getting the final okay on that tonight, possible drop tomorrow.

[2012-05-22 01:33:32] <C1UCharon> Getting final confirmation tonight

[2012-05-22 01:34:07] <i3> I'm still just hoping to here Alberta

[2012-05-22 01:34:17] <Kelgand> 2012-05-21T14:16:51 <Maya2> lol if charon ever reads these logs hes gonna have a good laugh

[2012-05-22 01:34:21] -!- plopplop [7c94bbfb@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #sift

[2012-05-22 01:34:28] <Kelgand> 2012-05-21T14:17:41 <Maya2> IF UR READING THIS CHARON and u end up having to kill us all, do it urself!

[2012-05-22 01:34:32] <i3> Oh, hey, are you posting those Kelgand?

[2012-05-22 01:34:34] <Kelgand> Maya is quite quotable in the logs.

[2012-05-22 01:34:50] <i3> Favour. If you read those Charon, do it while the team's not around...

[2012-05-22 01:34:53] <Sorgens> I wanna hear "10 UNIFORM DELTA VICTOR" in the next transmission.

[2012-05-22 01:35:00] <Sorgens> I really want a drop in my area

[2012-05-22 01:35:13] <Kelgand> Yeah, i3 =p I'm going over the log from the last day.

[2012-05-22 01:35:31] <i3> Ok. If not the team, I'll take just not while Skip's around, haha.

[2012-05-22 01:35:49] <i3> Let's be honest though team, who wouldn't want a drop in their area

[2012-05-22 01:36:54] <anon> i would

[2012-05-22 01:37:05] <anon> but i doubt it will come to me

[2012-05-22 01:37:25] <C1UCharon> Which logs?

[2012-05-22 01:37:34] <Kelgand> 51STV seems to be mine

[2012-05-22 01:37:44] <C1UCharon> Uhoh, you guys raggin' on the team? hah

[2012-05-22 01:37:46] <Kelgand> Charon: The link that says "logs" in the top there

[2012-05-22 01:37:52] <anon> how do you find that?

[2012-05-22 01:38:00] <Kelgand>

[2012-05-22 01:38:06] <i3> We were mostly nice

[2012-05-22 01:38:06] <C1UCharon> That sounds complicated, Kegs. Do stuff for me.

[2012-05-22 01:38:09] <anon> ty

[2012-05-22 01:38:26] <Kelgand> I found my lat/long with and then hit the "calc" button, anon

[2012-05-22 01:38:41] <Kelgand> What does, Charon? Reading the logs or clicking the link?

[2012-05-22 01:38:52] <Sorgens> Kelgand

[2012-05-22 01:39:05] <Sorgens> It's easier to right click on google maps and select what's here?

[2012-05-22 01:39:10] <C1UCharon> Both man

[2012-05-22 01:39:12] <C1UCharon> Halp

[2012-05-22 01:39:30] <i3> Heh

[2012-05-22 01:39:30] <Kelgand> Is that how people keep getting the lat/long out of google maps? Good to know, thanks. Haha.

[2012-05-22 01:40:01] <Kelgand> Ok, C. First, pack up your computer into the box you got it from.

[2012-05-22 01:40:08] <Kelgand> Then, take it back to the store it came from

[2012-05-22 01:40:16] <Kelgand> They can help you after that.

[2012-05-22 01:40:21] <Kelgand> Godspeed, man. Godspeed.

[2012-05-22 01:40:22] <C1UCharon> Are you serious right now or

[2012-05-22 01:40:50] <Kelgand> That is a definite "or" right now, C =p

[2012-05-22 01:40:54] <i3> Haha.

[2012-05-22 01:41:01] <C1UCharon> Too late anyway, I cracked a beer. Legal limit here is around 1.5 seconds of smelling alcohol.

[2012-05-22 01:45:21] -!- plopplop [7c94bbfb@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[2012-05-22 01:46:30] <Kelgand> Oh. I didn't even know EgresswDevice.flv was on the youtube page.

[2012-05-22 01:48:49] <Kelgand> Or Daiichi Taxi >_> What's that one about? Just following a taxi around?

[2012-05-22 01:48:54] <i3> Has anyone talked to marylamb about the keys? Can we safely remove the pics, or does he think they were indeed part of the drop?

[2012-05-22 01:49:13] <i3> Yeah, pretty much Kelgand

[2012-05-22 01:50:36] <Kelgand> Ok, thanks

[2012-05-22 01:54:00] <Kelgand> 2012-05-21T15:45:33 <C1UCharon> Someone's gotta poo it.

[2012-05-22 01:54:01] <Kelgand> ...

[2012-05-22 01:55:24] <FFLaguna|Korea> Wet works

[2012-05-22 01:55:30] <FFLaguna|Korea> It's a guy who pees on other men

[2012-05-22 01:56:16] <Kelgand> I wanted to see that movie, FFL. But I didn't and totally was not expecting that clip.

[2012-05-22 01:58:44] <Kelgand> Bah, of course. I go to log in to D3 and maint will start in 2 minutes and be going for the next 8 hours. Lame.

[2012-05-22 01:59:31] <Kelgand> It would be nice to play my single player game whenever I wanted to, but apparently "single player" means "play on our servers, because MNAH"

[2012-05-22 02:00:21] <FFLaguna|Korea> Yeah, apparently there have been a ton of hacked Diablo 3 accounts

[2012-05-22 02:00:38] <FFLaguna|Korea> I wonder/hope the maintenance is related

[2012-05-22 02:00:55] <Kelgand> It's probably to set up the real money auctionhouse.

[2012-05-22 02:02:32] -!- whatwhat [3a0739c2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[2012-05-22 02:02:33] <FFLaguna|Korea> Oh, Hmm

[2012-05-22 02:02:43] <FFLaguna|Korea> Didn't that get delayed a few more days?

[2012-05-22 02:02:55] <FFLaguna|Korea> Also, I don't think they're going to do anything until they *officially* say something about the hacked accounts

[2012-05-22 02:03:10] <Kelgand> Was it? I haven't actually been reading forums or twitter or anything

[2012-05-22 02:03:22] <FFLaguna|Korea> Apparently if you play public games with malicious individuals, they can get your SessionID and use it to log in as your character

[2012-05-22 02:03:36] <FFLaguna|Korea> They don't need to know your password or use the Bnet authenticator

[2012-05-22 02:03:37] <Kelgand> That seems like an oversight.

[2012-05-22 02:03:41] <FFLaguna|Korea> They just directly play as your character

[2012-05-22 02:03:44] <FFLaguna|Korea> Yeah, you think? Lol

[2012-05-22 02:03:48] <FFLaguna|Korea> Try telling that to Blizzard

[2012-05-22 02:04:16] <Kelgand> But, now that I won't be on D3....come on, Virgil! I want a playfair to crack while I'm awake

[2012-05-22 02:08:00] -!- C1UCharon [] has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]

[2012-05-22 03:54:55] -!- C1UCharon [] has joined #sift

[2012-05-22 03:55:05] <i3> Good timing Charon

[2012-05-22 03:55:14] <i3> we just solved 43

[2012-05-22 03:55:17] <Kelgand> [02:44] <Sorgens> 43 is out


[2012-05-22 03:55:31] <Kelgand> Took us all of 9 minutes.

[2012-05-22 03:55:37] <i3> yup

[2012-05-22 03:55:55] <Sorgens> I wanted a drop, though...

[2012-05-22 03:55:58] <i3> Well... the sstv being a hint to the pass helped

[2012-05-22 03:55:59] <Kelgand> Same.

[2012-05-22 03:56:25] <Kelgand> If only the en chatter was this easy....

[2012-05-22 03:56:30] <nignog> yea same, thought Charon said there was going to be a drop today, maybe it was something i dreamt..

[2012-05-22 03:56:48] <Kelgand> [00:17] <@C1UCharon> Yes and no. I'll be getting the final okay on that tonight, possible drop tomorrow.

[2012-05-22 03:57:46] <Kelgand>

[2012-05-22 03:57:58] <C1UCharon> That's actually pretty impressive, guys.

[2012-05-22 03:58:01] <nignog> ahh, its night for him for now. So tomorrow for me.

[2012-05-22 03:59:09] <nignog> Charon, what's the next locations for the drop?

[2012-05-22 03:59:35] <C1UCharon> Just scrolled up a bit, reminded me: cross comm between SIFT shifts is getting a bit rough. If we could get some kind of bulletin to post current objectives on, it would help.

[2012-05-22 03:59:53] <i3> I saw you mention that Charon

[2012-05-22 04:00:08] <C1UCharon> Nog, have not yet received final word. Standing by, myself, until then. I won't crash without giving you cats a bit of knowledge on that.

[2012-05-22 04:00:18] <i3> For an interim method, while we get a new system, we added a to do list to the front page

[2012-05-22 04:00:20] <i3> of the wiki

[2012-05-22 04:00:39] <begedele> Damn you guys are getting better every day ^^ Just went to get some coffee, got back -> new trans, already solved

[2012-05-22 04:00:43] <C1UCharon> Sounds like a good call.

[2012-05-22 04:00:45] <Kelgand> Is there a rumor of possible locations you can share, or are you in the dark?

[2012-05-22 04:00:55] <i3> Haha, poor begedele

[2012-05-22 04:01:04] <nignog> Awesome, would be nice to know who should be ready to drive and get the drop tomorrow

[2012-05-22 04:01:12] <i3> Well, no matter to me

[2012-05-22 04:01:25] <i3> I've got a driver on standby, just in case

[2012-05-22 04:02:00] <i3> You know... because, buddy and a gun

[2012-05-22 04:02:37] <Kelgand> i3: Will you be my buddy?

[2012-05-22 04:03:00] <begedele> I need a gun

[2012-05-22 04:03:36] <Kelgand> I have a decorative dagger I got as a groomsmens present, that's about it

[2012-05-22 04:03:43] <i3> Umm... Well. Where do you live? it might take some time, unless I can E-have your back

[2012-05-22 04:04:01] <begedele> I've got an old saber from the 19th century

[2012-05-22 04:04:15] <Kelgand> California. Just get a webcam and i'll bring my laptop with me and point it out and about, ok?

[2012-05-22 04:04:23] <i3> Great

[2012-05-22 04:04:29] <i3> Nothing could go wrong

[2012-05-22 04:04:44] <Kelgand> Nope, looks foolproof to me!

[2012-05-22 04:06:04] <FFLaguna|Korea> Kerglgland - Want to play D3?

[2012-05-22 04:06:06] <C1UCharon> Yeah, I hate passing rumors, though. We're looking at (potentially) Toronto and Austin, TX

[2012-05-22 04:56:03] <begedele> Do you know Ballistol?

[2012-05-22 04:56:05] <C1UCharon> Not to speak ill of a guy that's not here, but damn.

[2012-05-22 04:56:14] <C1UCharon> Not right off.

[2012-05-22 04:56:36] <begedele> The most popular lubricant/cleaner in germany

[2012-05-22 04:56:50] <i3> Hey, just started raining here

[2012-05-22 04:56:53] <C1UCharon> Hm. Never used anything but the military stuff, really.

[2012-05-22 04:57:14] <C1UCharon> I had a twenty-two as a kid, won some bacon in a turkey shoot with an old man's 12 gauge.

[2012-05-22 04:57:20] <begedele> You should let your team pick one up for you

[2012-05-22 04:57:25] <C1UCharon> About the extend of my civilian exposure.

[2012-05-22 04:57:50] <C1UCharon> Sounds rad to me, are they going to stop it on the way out of the country, though?

[2012-05-22 04:58:11] <C1UCharon> Customs = weird

[2012-05-22 04:58:15] <i3> Hey, those are pretty much the only two I fired as a kid

[2012-05-22 04:58:27] <FFLaguna|Korea> C1UCharon, if you're the real deal, what does CLP stand for?!?

[2012-05-22 04:59:05] <C1UCharon> Cleaning, lubricant, protectant (something along those lines, offa the top of my head) UNLESS we're talking about lower ranking cats

[2012-05-22 04:59:09] <C1UCharon> Then it means Chow, Libo, Pay

[2012-05-22 04:59:11] <C1UCharon> OR

[2012-05-22 04:59:14] <C1UCharon> Chow, Libo, Pussy

[2012-05-22 04:59:17] <FFLaguna|Korea> Haha

[2012-05-22 04:59:22] <begedele> ^^

[2012-05-22 04:59:22] <C1UCharon> Hundred variants

[2012-05-22 04:59:24] <C1UCharon> Hah

[2012-05-22 05:00:10] <C1UCharon> Would've been pretty depressing if I just clammed up right after you asked that, huh? "I...I don't know"

[2012-05-22 05:00:26] <i3> Haha

[2012-05-22 05:00:27] <Kelgand> FFL: I misread you as asking about CLR, so I was going, "No, it's Calcium Lime Rust" to myself. Haha.

[2012-05-22 05:00:42] <FFLaguna|Korea> You're a looney

[2012-05-22 05:00:46] <Kelgand> I know.

[2012-05-22 05:00:47] <anon> i know what ccr is

[2012-05-22 05:00:53] <Kelgand> I'm also tired, so I'm a sleepy looney.

[2012-05-22 05:00:58] <Kelgand> Not a good combination.

[2012-05-22 05:01:14] <i3> Good call anon

[2012-05-22 05:01:23] <begedele> I'm learning new words every day

[2012-05-22 05:01:36] <begedele> Now I know what the Looney tunes are

[2012-05-22 05:01:43] <C1UCharon> Here's one nobody ever seems to remember

[2012-05-22 05:01:55] <C1UCharon> SAFESOC

[2012-05-22 05:02:05] <begedele> condom

[2012-05-22 05:02:10] <C1UCharon> Right?

[2012-05-22 05:02:13] <anon> sounds like birth control

[2012-05-22 05:02:25] <i3> You didn't before begedele? Not being from germany, I have no idea what to expect from your english

[2012-05-22 05:02:32] <C1UCharon> Security, Automatic weapons, Fields of Fire, Entrenchment, Obstacles, Concealment

[2012-05-22 05:02:40] <FFLaguna|Korea> OCOKA

[2012-05-22 05:02:42] <FFLaguna|Korea> ?

[2012-05-22 05:02:42] <C1UCharon> Shit, missed the second S!

[2012-05-22 05:02:49] <C1UCharon> Sectors of Fire on that one

[2012-05-22 05:03:00] <C1UCharon> OCOKA, or KOCOA

[2012-05-22 05:03:03] <C1UCharon> Either way right

[2012-05-22 05:03:08] <FFLaguna|Korea> Okay, lol

[2012-05-22 05:03:19] <C1UCharon> Key Terrain, Observation, Cover and Concealment, Obstacles, Avenues of Approach

[2012-05-22 05:03:24] <FFLaguna|Korea> When was the last time you studied for a board? :P

[2012-05-22 05:03:41] <C1UCharon> Never, to be honest. Just needed to know how to fight the modern fight.

[2012-05-22 05:03:49] <begedele> Nope, never looked it up before. I'd say my english skills are pretty decent. I've learned a lot at school, but that's more than seven years ago.

[2012-05-22 05:04:28] <C1UCharon> The military will literally turn ANYTHING into an acronym.

[2012-05-22 05:04:30] <i3> Yeah, it ocurred to me literally days ago it'd be your second language. So doing pretty good

[2012-05-22 05:04:32] <begedele> I started learning english in the 5th grade.

[2012-05-22 05:04:46] <FFLaguna|Korea> EVERYthing is an acronym

[2012-05-22 05:05:09] <FFLaguna|Korea> LOA, LOA!

[2012-05-22 05:05:15] <FFLaguna|Korea> POSH = prevention of etc.

[2012-05-22 05:05:16] <C1UCharon> Limit of Advance, yeah

[2012-05-22 05:06:21] <begedele> Better than the german Bundeswehr acronyms

[2012-05-22 05:06:26] <begedele> StOÃœbPl

[2012-05-22 05:06:29] <begedele> PzGrenBtl

[2012-05-22 05:06:32] <FFLaguna|Korea> Haha

[2012-05-22 05:06:38] <FFLaguna|Korea> That's cool, begedele

[2012-05-22 05:07:09] <i3> My client couldn't even display one of those

[2012-05-22 05:07:13] <C1UCharon> Gather at the AA, cross the LOD, call in your PAX, step off to the OBJ, stop after thirty for SLLS, call in a SITREP every thirty fucking seconds, POSREP every fraction of a second

[2012-05-22 05:07:19] <i3> I've got to work on the character set for this thing

[2012-05-22 05:07:33] <C1UCharon> Whoa, Peg

[2012-05-22 05:07:37] <C1UCharon> That's uh, that shit's crazy

[2012-05-22 05:08:10] <C1UCharon> Looks like some chemistry shit. If I saw that on the side of a barrel, I wouldn't touch that barrel.

[2012-05-22 05:57:23] -!- C1UCharon [] has joined #sift

[2012-05-22 05:57:25] -!- mode/#sift [+o C1UCharon] by ChanServ

[2012-05-22 05:57:56] <C1UCharon> As of right now, Toronto is locked on solid. Virgil's awaiting contact from Austin.

[2012-05-22 05:59:27] <falk0r> Would be nice if you could make the tx drop like tomorrow because I'm going out of town within the next couple days

[2012-05-22 06:00:04] <FFLaguna|Korea> Steve Austin? :|

[2012-05-22 06:00:08] <falk0r> If not, my buddy is in Houston and he would probably be down to pick up a drop in that area

[2012-05-22 06:00:11] <falk0r> Stone Cold

[2012-05-22 06:00:30] <begedele> 3:16

[2012-05-22 06:04:04] -!- C1UCharon [] has quit [Ping timeout: 276 seconds]