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The following is a list of possible locations for Uehara, or Yuri, in the Okinawa prefecture.

U.S. Military Okuma ResortEdit

RCI Edit

Amms Hotels Canna Resort Villa (#A394)

397-1 Kanna Giboza-Son


Okinawa, Japan 904-1304

Resort telephone number: 098-968-7011

Onna Marine View Palace (#2187)

497-3 Maeganeku



Okinawa-Ken, Japan 904-0401

Resort telephone number: 9896-56111

JAL Private ResortEdit

Just south of US mil Okuma, the largest suite is booked for the next year. Possible target could be the private "garden villa" as well The garden villa's are smaller, but offer more privacy. The okuma suite is larger but shares walls with other suites. There are several of each.

map here:

86 ext 08 6

〒905-1412 913 Aza-okuma, Kunigami-son, Okinawa

  • TEL 81-980-41-2222
  • FAX 81-980-41-2234

Garden Villa :Edit

Okuma Suite:Edit