The Flash Drive.

On May 9th, 2012, the user Umbra posted transmission thirty two in the website. This transmission contained directions to a drop in Fresno, California. The drop was a SanDisk Flash Drive containing 3 files:
  • 1W.jpg
  • Charon.txt
  • Warthog.txt



1W.jpg as contained in the Drop.

The picture consist of two concentrical circles. The outer circle contains the English alphabet (26 letters, from A to Z), as well as the number 48 and the article "THE". The inner circle contains the integer numbers from 0 to 27 in random order.

This picture has been used to decode the following transmissions:

Each of these transmissions contained a code that hints the cipher used to encode them (e.g. ALPHA, BRAVO, PAPA). In this case, however, the callsign used consists of a number followed by WHISKEY.

The first transmission which made use of this cipher, Transmission 34, used the exact same order as in the picture. The callsign given was "ONE WHISKEY". Note the fact that in the picture, A=1.

In the following transmission, the callsign changed to SIX WHISKEY. In order to decode this one, the inner circle was rotated until the number 6 was aligned with the letter A, thus A=6.

Similarly, transmission 36 used this cipher, but the callsign given was TWENTY FOUR WHISKEY. In this case, the inner circle was rotated in order to get A=24.

Online ToolEdit

User Begedele, from the Umbra IRC Channel made this tool with a php code someone posted in the Google Doc. The tool allows the user to choose a specific rotation of the inner circle, or to decode using all the possible rotations.